Jordan David known as Dandere Dev, is a 15 year old Malaysian YouTuber that joined YouTube on August 21, 2015. He usually upload random videos such as MMD (Miku Miku Dance), he also uploads some gaming video games or some memes videos.


In his early channel, he usually uploads videos about Doraemon videos on almost 6 episodes, which only have 3 subscribers. In the late of 2016, he started upload about his first gaming videos about Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask but didn't quit any more views. In 2017, he uploaded his first MMD videos called "MMD Frozen Fever- You locked the door" which only get more views and subscribers. After few more upload MMD videos, his channel gaining a lot of subscribers.

In June 2017, he's channel have gotten over 1000 subscribers.

In July 2017, he's channel gotten over 2000 subscribers.

In October 2017, he's channel gotten over 3000 subscribers.


  • His channel's videos mostly are about Yandere Simulator, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon XY anime.
  • His channel's name is a parody of YandereDev.
  • He said he will face reveal until he have 1M subscribers.
  • His channel has more female subscribers than male subscribers, this also happens on YandereDev, which has the same percentage.
  • He usually doesn't like a videos about games or cartoon jokes or haters such as Nin10doh, Pokemon Omeger Rubyer, Pokemon The Next Generation etc.
    • He sometimes will comment some of their videos to judge their terrible content and disliked one of their videos.
  • He said that Super minecraft kid is a worst YouTubers he ever seen.
  • He sometimes will swear if he gets mad but not always.
    • If he swears on comment section, he will give a short form because he said he needs to prevent any children learning from it.
  • He doesn't like someone called Snivy a "Smugleaf" or "Grasshole" due to he really loved Snivy very much.