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Darcy Oake, (born September 27, 1987) is a Canadian magician. His inspired to start in magic from a young age after seeing his father accidentally pull off a card trick when he was a kid. His father is award-winning sportscaster Scott Oake.


Darcy Oake started doing magic ever since he was on Britain's Got Talent. In 2014, Oake went to the UK because he wanted to show his talent. He becamed so popular, that over 49 milion people watched the video. Some people are saying it just a illusion. When some are saying its a real magic trick. 


He set on fire a feather and made a living bird. He then duplicatted the bird, making two birds. Then he pulled out a tissue and turned it into a third bird, before making a fourth bird by lighting a feather. He then produced an egg from the bird and hatched it to create a smaller bird. He then lit another feather to produce a cage, and then duplicated the bird and the cage. Finally, he put all the birds in a cage, covered the cage with cloth before pulling off the cloth to reveal a woman.

In the semi-finals, he sat on a chair and covered himself with cloth. The cloth was then pulled away, revealing that he had disappeared. He then appeared as one of the crew members. A screen was placed above him, showing 360 degrees of the stage. This was the first time a magician had made it through to the final of Britain's Got Talent.

In the final he was suspended by his ankles 20 feet in the air inbetween a human bear trap while the rope holding it open was set on fire leaving him 52 seconds to make his escape while wearing a strait jacket. He finished 5th place.