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DarkMatter2525 is a YouTube user that uploads cartoons principally about Christianity and its flaws from an atheist's perspective. The cartoons are very thought provoking, controversial, and fun to watch.


  • Yahweh (God) - main antagonist
  • Allah - Islamic stereotyped counterpart of Yahweh
  • Jeffrey, a baby angel - main protagonist
  • Jesus, God's son (depicted with wounds from crucifixion with a bandage over chest scar) - mainly antagonistic, but will occasionally side with Jeffrey
  • Moses - Bank of Zion CEO with Judaic stereotypes
  • Zeus - Gay lover of Yahweh
  • Not-Muhammad - Islamic stereotyped prophet hidden in "Censored" boxes

…and several more


Every cartoon episode features Yahweh and Jeffrey discussing topics, usually about the Judeo-Christian Bible. Jeffrey usually questions God's logic and even His morality (such as almost destroying the human race in the Great Flood.) Humor is extensively used, such as God setting Jeffrey's cannabis fig leaf on fire, making God, Jesus and Jeffrey high and getting munchies for Doritos®. Jeffrey and Jesus also expose Yahweh's (fictional) love affair with Zeus, testing God's presumed omniscience. Surprisingly, Jeffrey can show bold anger at God, such as His almost killing Moses over the issue of circumcision. Often references are shown from the Bible to help the watcher better understand the concepts.