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What is going on guys, Dawko back here again...


Lewis Dawkins (AKA Dawko) is a Gaming YouTuber. He plays the popular game, Five Nights at Freddy's and fan games of the game, and sometimes plays other random games. He currently lives in England, United Kingdom, with his gaming friend, Razzbowski. He sometimes plays with XxProClassGamerxx as well, but he has not played with him ever since he became inactive.

Personal Life

Dawko lives in a small house, in the United Kingdom. He has pet puggle dog named Poncho.

He is a big fan of YouTuber Markiplier, as he often wears t-shirt with him on it.

St. Jude

In 2015 he hosted a live stream called Five Nights at St Jude's on his Twitch channel to raise moms.

He once went skydiving (dressed up as FNAF characters) for St. Jude with Razzbowksi and 8-BitGaming. This was done in August, 2015.

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