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Hey everybody. it's me DeWarioFreak here!


DeWarioFreak is a YouTube Let's Player, best known for not only his Let's Play videos, but also his video game glitch videos. His channel has over 700 subscribers, but combined with his smaller other channels, he has over 800. His real name is Anthony.

Videos and Other Channels

Anthony primarily does Let's Play videos. He has several let's plays of different games going, that are all active. He also posts random glitches, sketch-comedies, and various other videos. On his 2nd Channel (DeWarioFreak 2nd Channel), he often posts follow up videos to his regular videos.

He also has a channel (TheFunChums), where he does commentary on games with TheCodingGamer, his brother, who also appears on DeWarioFreak.

Anthony also has a channel where he posts videos in a British accent (DeWarioFreak UK), to try and increase his demographics.

Current Video Series'

  • Let's Co-Play Pokémon Silver (Feat. TheCodingGamer)
  • Splatoon Videos (various game modes)
  • Let's Play Super Mario Maker
  • Call of Duty Ghosts: Online Multiplayer
  • Mario Kart 8 Online Matches

Personal Life

Anthony was born on December 12th, 2000 (currently making him 15). He lives in California, with his brother and parents. Anthony is 5'10, making him slightly taller than the average 15 year old male. He says he loves junk food, but hates it side effects. Anthony claims he is a Republican, as seen in a Tweet.

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