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Hey everybody. It's me DeWarioFreak here!


DeWarioFreak is a YouTube channel owned and run by Anthony Fernandez. On the channel, he produces parody content, particularly content that criticizes the Pokémon anime through the popular series of video known as an abridged series.

Before creating abridged content, Anthony created several gaming videos and even vlogs.

As of January 2018, the channel has over 3,000 subscribers and over 1 million views.

Personal Life

Anthony was born in the year 2000. He is an American. He lives in California with his brother (TheCodingGamer) and parents.


2011 to 2015

Before begining abridged content, for several years, Anthony created lots of let's play series, and several other videos as well. Most of these have been unlisted or privatized since due to poor quality and inconsistency.

2016 - present

In September 2016, the first episode of Pokémon Generations Abridged was realised, an abridged series of the YouTube series Pokémon Generations. After producing several episodes, in December 2016, the first episode of Pokémon Sun and Moon Abridged was released. This video immediately passed all other series DeWarioFreak had made prior in terms of views, likes, and reception.

In 2017 DeWarioFreak slowly stopped producing the content it was in the years prior, and began focusing solely on abridged content, and his podcast series.

Video Series

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon Abridged: The main abridged series on the channel, and main focus of the channel. It is a parody version of the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime.
  • Pokémon Generations Abridged: The first abridged series on the channel. It is a parody version of the Pokémon Generations YouTube series..
  • DeWarioFreak Abridged Podcast: A occasional series in which DeWarioFreak and others talk about generally anime or Pokémon related content in the form of a podcast.


There are several channels that lie in the DeWarioFreak group of channels.
DeWarioFreak (
DeWarioFreak is the main/base channel. Nearly all content is uploaded here.
DeWarioFreak Backup DeWarioFreak Backup is ( a backup channel used by Anthony in case the main channel is ever deleted for copyright infringement, or even other reasons. Although there is currently no content on it, Anthony has stated he has interest in using it to inform viewers of takedown notifications and other things. DeWarioFreak 2nd Channel (
DeWarioFreak 2nd Channel generally is content that is non-abridged related, or not considered relevant enough to be on the main channel. DeWarioFreak Abridged Compilations (
DeWarioFreak Abridged Compilations is a channel where compilations of the abridges are posted. Often times, TheFunChums (
TheFunChums is a channel where Anthony posts videos featuring commentary with TheCodingGamer, who also appears on DeWarioFreak regularly as a voice actor. The channel hasn't received any content for a while.

Copyright Issues

The channel has many times had copyright claims and strikes, as videos the videos rely heavily on using footage from the Pokémon anime. As such, claimants such as ShoPro have used the DMCA process YouTube provides multiple times.

DeWarioFreak has stated multiple times, he believes the abridged content is fair use. He has disputed all claims on removed or claimed videos, to success every time.

DeWarioFreak has also called out YouTube for not providing a fair system for content creators.



  • DeWarioFreak hit 100 subscribers on October 22nd, 2012.
  • DeWarioFreak hit 1000 subscribers on December 25th, 2016.
  • DeWarioFreak hit 2000 subscribers on April 13th, 2017.
  • DeWarioFreak hit 3000 subscribers on September 23rd, 2017.


  • DeWarioFreak hit 100K views long before 2012, but due to YouTube glitches, he lost it regained it several times.
  • DeWarioFreak hit 500K views on August 17th, 2017.
  • DeWarioFreak hit 1M views on September 21st, 2017. He has lost a few times due to videos being removed from copyright claims.

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