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Brenden Michael Stodden (born: May 11, 1998 (1998-05-11) [age 20]), known on YouTube as Deathman9838, is a small gaming YouTuber from La Porte, Indiana.

Personal Life

Brenden was born in La Porte, Indiana where there is "basically nothing at all". Even though he likes to play the game Minecraft, his favorite games are 'Grand Theft Auto' and 'Call of Duty'. Going through tough times, Brenden was not doing so well. He even thought that he was going to be removed from his house because of how it was. However, he started to try do voice impressions of his favorite anime and actor voices, and is now able to do Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bane, Cleveland Brown, Timmy from South Park, Morgan Freeman, and Woody Woodpecker. He had to try these voices at school and sometimes he did not succeed. Yet for 'La Porte High School', Brenden was a class clown and a Football Player (#46, Linebacker).


The reason for the "Death" part in is name is for his favorite Halloween costume he ever had was the Grim Reaper (also known as "Death"). Reason for "man" part is that he really liked comic book heroes with the last part of their name as man (spider-man, Batman, Superman, etc...) and the '98' came from his birth year. The '38' came from him playing call of duty and getting a '3-8' on his first ever time playing the game.

Team Minecreed

He is a member of 'Team Minecreed' (a group of his friends that are YouTubers).

Other Members

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Briden came from his best friend Brice and his name mixed. There not gay but they got this idea from a tweet sent to Brenden. It stuck and now if they're both in a video they say #Bridensback.