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This page is about people with YouTube accounts who have passed away, leaving behind their channel and videos as a memory. For example, Geriatric1927, who was once the most subscribed on YouTube in August 2006, died of cancer on March 23, 2014 at age 86, after a long battle with an advanced type of cancer. However, some are not as lucky to die at such an old age, such as Grimmie, Eddsworld, Yoteslaya and Quxxn. Some other notable deaths Monty Oum, Taliajoy18, and Scott "Stoked" Yakiwckuk, all having more than 500 subscribers before death. We will miss them!

Please Note: Channels need to have at least 500 subscribers to be added on the list.

If you would like to add a YouTuber to this list, please post a comment with the following form:
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Channel Subscribers Cause of Death Date of Death Additional Info
Caleb Logan Bratayley (Bratayley) 4,168,000+ Hypertrophic сardiomyopathy October 1, 2015 Caleb was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital. His siblings and parents have now taken over and are running the channel.
zeldaxlove64 Christina Grimmie 3,869,000+ Murdered June 11, 2016 She was shot at around 10:24PM on June 10, 2016 at the Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida and was taken to a hospital, where she later died from her injuries in the early hours of June 11, 2016.
Yakiwchuk (member of Element Animation) 2,177,000+ Cancer/Heart Attack (Unconfirmed) January 30, 2015 An unspecified type of cancer might have killed Scott, other sources claim the reason for his passing was a heart attack, the cause of the heart attack is unknown.
Connie Kin (Co-Founder of WhatsUpMOMS) 1,593,000+ Complications from childbirth November 21, 2013 Complications from giving birth to daughter Ella
Talia Castellano (Taliajoy18) 1,497,000+ Neuroblastoma July 16, 2013
Ernest "Barry" Elliot (Co-founder of Iraqveteran8888) 1,399,000+ Heart attack April 12, 2014
Edd Gould (Member of Eddsworld) 1,195,000+ Leukemia March 25, 2012
Yoteslaya 877,000+ Car crash October 23, 2013 Car crashed into train, killing Yoteslaya and 2 other people. Local police speculate that alcoholism was involved.
Jam Sebastian (member of JamichTV) 661,000+ Stage IV lung cancer March 4, 2015
Auntie Fee 546,000+ Heart attack March 17, 2017
Kitty0706 Colin Wyckoff 483,000+ Leukemia January 25, 2015 2 years of leukemia
Erik Cassel (co-founder of ROBLOX) 464,000+ Cancer February 11, 2013 Died after battling with cancer for 3 years
Evan Wallace (e-dubble) 412,000+ Infection February 13, 2017
Myk Friedman (toonsmyth) 366,000+ Diabetes July 19, 2014
Daniel Kyre (Cyndago) 334,000+ Suicide September 18, 2015 Attempted suicide on September 16; died in the hospital two days later (Prompted Cyndago's farewell)
William Ma (member of BeybladeGeeks) 320,000+ Car Accident November 20, 2013 Died in a collision north of Calgary on the Queen Elizabeth 2 highway
Mighty_01 238,000+ Lung cancer May 1, 2015
Freddy E. (JerkTV) 193,000+ Suicide January 5, 2013 Self Inflicted gunshot to head.
Franc Tausch (FilmkritikTV) 179,000+ Unknown August 3, 2012
Yeardley Diamond 168,000+ Cardiac arrest August 20, 2014
TheQuxxn 166,000+  Lung infection July 20, 2013
Greg Plitt 158,000+ Collision with train January 17, 2015 Racing train to promote energy drink for video
Kazim Akboga 150,000+ Suicide February 9, 2017 Jumping in front of a train
Clara Cannucciari (Great Depression Cooking) 128,000+ Natural Causes November 29, 2013 Died in her sleep.
littlexloves 125,000+ Complications from diabetes January 19, 2016

Glenn Webb

121,000+ Cardiac Fibrosis August 26, 2016 Was seen dead in his sleep. His spouse, Ian revealed that the cause of death was a mild Cardiac Fibrosis.


107,000+ Cancer March 4, 2015
Ane Li 97,904 Suicide June 11, 2016
MissGerbit 93,710 Thrombocytopenic purpura December 3, 2013
Longhairdontcare2011 91,944 Complications due to lupus April 9, 2014
Renee "Nana" Davis (Nanaluvstroubles) 82,133 Skin infection and kidney failure October 17, 2014
Eric Joseph Fournier (ShayeSaintJohn) 77,467 Gastrointestinal bleeding February 25, 2010
Женя Якут (Zhenya Yakut) 75,029 Pneumonia October 29, 2015
PHiZZURP 71,666 Car Accident October 2, 2016
Amanda Todd (TheSomebodytoknow) 63,044 Suicide October 10, 2012
Frank Wolf 61,134 Suicide November 24, 2013 Hanged self.
Hayven Games 58,552 Epithelioid sarcoma March 18, 2017 His death was announced on April 24, 2017.
Richard Schepp (Morfar) 56,291 Heart attack January 30, 2014
Peter Oakley (geriatric1927) 53,018 Cancer March 23, 2014
Eskild Fors 51,777 Suicide May 16, 2017
King Jojo 45,376 Brain aneurism March 12, 2015
Elliot Rodger 41,102 Suicide May 23, 2014 Killed self in a shooting.
Youtraxtvnews 37,557 Illness October 29, 2012
Svengalie 37,422 Suicide February 4, 2012 Self-immolation
Hgtpsh 33,870 Ruptured bowel, neuromuscular disorder August 18, 2013 Suffered a ruptured bowel with added complications from an underlying neuromuscular disorder
Justin Carmical (JewWario) 32,838 Suicide January 23, 2014 Shot himself with a shotgun
Aziz Shavershian (Zyzz) 32,054 Heart attack August 5, 2011
Marcel Adams (FBIandFriends) 31,654 Unknown September 23, 2014 His family has withheld his cause of death.
(Nitrocses) 30,115 Cancer July 21, 2016
Malina WRP 29,870 Motorcycle accident September 24, 2012
Ben Breedlove (BreedloveTV) 29,742 Cardiac arrest December 24, 2011
HiddenTreasureHunter 27,895 Testicular Cancer November 1, 2016
Shaun Miller (TheShawn2395) 26,657 Chronic heart rejection May 1, 2012
Claudio Maddox (CMaddoxBiitch) 26,385 Cancer June 19, 2014
Esther Earl (cookie4monster4) 26,168 Thyroid cancer August 25, 2010.
Ryan James (3PACTVHD) 25,993 Heart attack October 17, 2015 Severe loss of oxygen while underwater at water polo practice. Put on life support, passed away on deactivation of life support system.
Kimberly Nichelle TheKimberly'Nichelle 25,766 Sickle cell anemia 2015 Unknown Date Sometime In 2015
Messy Mya (TheeHHGz) 24,588 Murdered November 15, 2010 Gunned down on a street corner in New Orleans.
NowLetsPlayMinecraft 23,837 Suicide August 15, 2013 He killed himself during his holiday in France
UltimotePictures 22,832 Suicide by self inflicting a lethal substance (poison) January 27, 2015.
Woolly Rhino Productions 20,238 Terminal osteosarcoma May 20, 2013
M4rty09 19,721 Car crash March 1, 2013
Nathan Wills (Paradigma) 19,408 Suicide July 27, 2012 Self Inflicted stabbing to the chest.
Carl Herold 18,818 Suicide November 3, 2014 Hanged himself in his jail cell after facing multiple child sex abuse charges.
Iwate Swan 16,190 Pancreatitis January 26, 2010
Meesha Booh 14,105 Murdered May 14, 2014 Shot in her sleep by ex boyfriend.
Keith Ratliff (kydivemaster) (Keith Ratliff) 13,551 Murdered January 6, 2013 Shot in the back of his head in his office.
Christina Newman (fastinggurl31) 13,221 Cancer October 21, 2014
Kevin Gregg (ThemeParkManics) 12,875 Complications of diabetes October 8, 2015
Tribto 12,697 Suicide December 18, 2014 Having an addiction to depressant drugs, they killed themselves
Willdabeast 12,223 Tornado disaster May 28, 2011
Tyreik Rashion Allison 12,199 Heart complications September 5, 2014
UmikaSayoji 10,989 Natural Causes February 15, 2015
Thegameblock 10,772 Heart attack Date unknown
Jive51 10,712 Thyroid cancer November 28, 2011
Kreed's World 9,958 Lack of oxygen May 12, 2016
VinnyTheRuler 9,551 Brain tumor March 26, 2014
psyclonesteve 9,050 Brain Cancer September 28, 2016
BigE dad 9,040 Head trauma December 7, 2015 Following his death, many subscribers made short tributes in their videos
DjuramineMusic 8,985 Suicide July 9, 2012
MrGmview 8,696 Stroke June 23, 2014
Ronaproject 8,539 Car crash April 12, 2010
Ninjievious 8,525 Suicide August 13, 2014 Commited suicide due to depression
PrincepTV 8,129 Murdered 2013 Shot by sister's boyfriend at a birthday.
XXgothemo99XX 7,441 Suicide September 18, 2011 Hanged himself.
Gvloanguy 7,195 Melanoma August 2013
Zodiakironfist 6,845 Heart attack January 7, 2010
apartje. 6,371 Heroin Overdose October 2016 The creator of the Cheeki Breeki hardbass anthem.
Reggaefrank09 6,006 Heart condition July 3, 2013
Asia McGowan 5,824 Murdered April 10, 2009 Shot to death in Henry Ford College.
ABilly90 5,752 Cystic fibrosis June 23, 2014
Cedric Smith AKA CeddyBu da Rap Sumo 5,609 Car accident January 2, 2014
Andreas Aebi (BKingAndy) 5,536 Motorcycle Accident August 13, 2013
Antisocialfatman 4,329 Pulmonary embolism October 25, 2011
Ryan McHenry (ZombieMusical2013) 4,220 Osteosarcoma May 2, 2015
TheZachman18 4,149 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy March 25, 2015
Mabe 4,144 Hodgkins lymphoma July 17, 2015
Slain 3,824 Skiing accident March 9, 2015
KKD1247 3,692 Unknown December 9, 2009
Dr. Larry Lindsey 3,661 Colon Cancer December 19, 2016 His wife confirmed the cause of death on facebook.
Justin Heard (BigMastadon) 3,584 Heart attack February 22, 2016
Moto Frogger 3,495 Motorcycle accident 2015
Павел Кашин (MrPavelKashin) 3,334 Accidental fall July 7, 2013
Boris Tapic 3,286 Cancer November 13, 2016 He died by doing a backflip on a building
CollosalCarnage08 3,031 Suicide November 8, 2010. Hanged herself
MrFailGame 2,954 Liver disease caused by alcoholism September 16, 2013
creativewritings247 2,797 Brain Aneurysm January 2015
John Noveske 2,700 Car crash 2013
HCDDWarhero 2,421 Hit by a car March 5, 2010
Bpblu 2,376 Suicide by jumping off a bridge August 11, 2009
Goldenrebel25 2,163 Leukemia May 17, 2016 Lost a battle to Leukemia after 2 years.
DerGTA4Hater 2,133 Falling out the window from the sixth stock June 20, 2012
Fortyniner235 2,073 Suicide December 10, 2009 Hanged himself. Now his sister owns the channel but has no plans on uploading any videos.
The Tales End 2,021 Lung cancer May 22, 2012
Chopper Read 2,004 Liver Cancer October 9, 2013
Sean Edwards 1,873 Racing accident October 15, 2013 Race driver in Porsche Supercup; died during a test race in Queesland as a co driver in a Porsche
Thomas Brinkley 1,864 Killed following attempted murder March 3, 2014 Stabbed a University of Florida professor and was shot by police.
Joshua Brown 1,854 Car accident May 7, 2016
Jeremy Norman (usedtobe803) 1,779 Cardiac arrest December 23, 2007
Jasmine Sanchez 1,728 Suicide April 25, 2014 Jumped in front of a train.
Keebthejokinggamer 1,700 Natural causes related to his disabilities February 8, 2014
Orangishred 1,450 Drug overdose 2014
Rafaiser F.T 1,429 Loss of oxygen while he was diving in his graduation trip in Huaraz, Peru September 16, 2016 His death was announced by his father in his facebook profile, in Wednesday 20,2016. All his videos were deleted a couple of days of that announcement.
Nicky Hayden 1,299 Suffering injuries from a crash with a bike May 22, 2017 MotoGP world champion of 2006
99wasup 1,228 Complications from cystic fibrosis whilst awaiting a double lung transplant September 4, 2011
thewyldwulf 1,186 Car crash August 31,2015
Alex V. (Rabbit96848) 900 Went missing in January 2012 declared dead in absentia May 7, 2015 Account now managed by Vine user KingFurry. All of his videos have been deleted.
Dreggler 798 Accident March 18, 2015
ReubenKee 712 Motorboating accident November 23, 2007 Motor boating accident that killed several other contestants during the 2007 Cambodia Tonlé Sap competition
Shaun Appleby (Waster) 668 Sudden adult death syndrome February 26, 2015

Deceased YouTubers whose channels were terminated

This is a list of deceased YouTubers whose YouTube accounts were shut down following their death.

Channel Cause of Death Date of Death Notes
AbbyFallProductions Died of unknown causes Date unknown
MHarris1920 Natural Causes. November 2006
Ashley Miller (fatwrecked) Died of organ failure May 12, 2008
MarioXbox4018 Died of heart failure September 18, 2007
Tony48219 Committed suicide after killing Asia McGowan April 10, 2009
SquidwardFan1982 Commited suicide by gunshot December 6, 2010
TheSevenWinds Commited suicide 2011
RedFrenzy64 Died from unknown causes September 3, 2012
2Real Accidental fall December 5, 2012
FilipeCaldeira24 Cardiac arrest from drug overdose August 14, 2013 After making his last video, Filipe Caldeira was in hospital for drug overdose and after 5 days he died due to nearly 30 years of depression and lung cancer.
Kirk Willemse (Dameathook) Died from overdose in an attempt to cure his depression November 22, 2014
AussiePrankzTV Committed suicide May 8, 2015 After making his goodbye video, the channel was permanently deleted and was never heard from again. There are no videos of him uploaded from other users.
Pekka-Eric Auvinen (Sturmgiest89) Committed suicide November 7, 2007 Killed himself during a school shooting. His channel was deleted but his videos were re-uploaded and can be watched.
Misskaiix3 Committed suicide May 21, 2012
ITZ DOLLY Committed suicide December 30, 2016

After their deaths

Person(s) Details
Series 2 - In conclusion04:58

Series 2 - In conclusion

The last video of Geriatric1927, uploaded on February 12, 2014.

On the 23rd of March 2014, the day of his death, there was a flood of comments on his last video. The following three days after his death, his subscriber count increased by almost 1,800 subscribers. His views increased by almost 45,000.
Taliajoy18 Her parents keep her channel alive, as well as announcing events and other important info for Talia's charity.
TheQuxxn Her younger sister adapted her channel, currently making videos in her honor, but however, she decided to stop uploading on November 6, 2014.
Monty Oum and Scott Yakiwchuk Their friends both held charities for their families, each raising thousands of dollars to help those close to them in their difficult time.
Yoteslaya His death was commented about all over the gaming community, and he gained many subscribers. After a while, some of his friends and his two sons continued the channel.
Eddsworld After he died from cancer, his friend Thomas Ridgewell - who is known as TomSka - took over the channel and his animation series, with the quote "Edd may be gone but his world will keep on spinning". The channel now has a full time animator and new voice actor for Edd.
Frank Wolf After his death, many fans made videos with his cutest images. People are saying that he killed himself due to being bullied in school.
Alex Vujaçic Following the legal declaration of his death in absentia, his channel was transferred to his close friend and Vine user KingFurry. Should Alex be found alive, however, the ownership may be shifted back to him.
Kerry Decker After his death, his friend Ray Glasser poses many of posthumously videos for Kerry including his tribute video about him. Many of subscribers are commenting about Kerry's death, saying that he was greatly missed by most of the subscribers that remembers Kerry.
RuebenKee After his death, fans made stages in a game he made characters in called M.U.G.E.N and videos to remember him.
NLPMinecraft Rumors how NLPMinecraft killed himself spreaded in his last video. Rumors continue to this day NLPMinecraft's friends said it was a sudden event of his life that caused him to commit suicide.
3PAC: After his death, A load of people make images to tribute Ryan's death.

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