Deceptive advertising (also known as Video Fraud) is a controversial bait-and-switch act of using polished YouTube thumbnails, misleading titles or other to lure users into a Youtuber's place when the videos itself is often unrelated

Typographical error titles


Teh is an Internet slang neologism most frequently used as an English article, based on a common typographical error of "the"Teh has subsequently developed grammatical usages distinct from the. It is not common in spoken or written English outside technical or leetspeak circles, but when spoken, it is pronounced // or //. when the users write typographical error videos and channels of teh

Virtual sailer

Wtf 3
the game has released in 1999 by ilan papini the naval simulator, when the users don't write typographical error of virtual sailor. This example of typographical error is no longer used


gaem is a typographical error of Game. this example of typographical error is used

Fake Thumbnails

An example used making fake thumbnails with photoeditor and/or screenshot photos at YouTube, in order to grab a YouTube user's attention.

Downloading Malware

On computers these types of YouTube videos will have links in the description containing viruses and trojan horse, users then proceed clicking the dislike button.

minecraft click bait

also another click bait videos game minecraft has used title saying 'do not play minecraft pe at 3:00 am!' when YouTubers clicking to watch video

click bait videos

the user is uploading click bait videos to when YouTuber garnering money and subscribers

Misleading titles

The YouTuber uses a misleading title to grab a user's attention and get views when the actual title is not related to the video.

Misleading thumbnail

The YouTuber uses a misleading thumbnail to grab a user's attention and trick them into thinking the actual content is in the video.

Fake Full Movies

The users use fake full movies with link in description and screen, they other users can't find movie to watch.

Fake credit cards

Users who upload videos containing fake credit cards. the fake credit cards don't work correctly

Fake tutorials

YouTubers who create tutorials in their videos to trick viewers into thinking they work but they actually don't.