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Deepak Raj, (born December 5, 2003 (2003-12-05) [age 13]), known as DeepakCoolGuy in YouTube, is an Indian YouTuber and gamer. He now lives in Saudi Arabia. He really loves gaming. He owns PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PC and more consoles...

DeepakCoolGuy's YouTube Stories

Joining YouTube (2015)

DeepakCoolGuy found YouTube interesting and he loved to share his gaming content so that people can watch all over worldwide. So he found a game-recorder app called Bandicam. He downloaded that app and started to record his videos and upload it to YouTube. He first uploaded his favourite game The House of the Dead 2 video Chapter 1: A Prelude. He find that video was getting nice views. So he continued recording and uploading videos of that game. After that, he got few subscribers and he was really interested to become famous in YouTube. So he started working harder and harder to get more subscribers and views.

Grand Theft Auto V game videos and more... (2016)

DeepakCoolGuy loved GTA 5 game very much and he was trying to play that game. So he got new Lenovo PC in which he can run GTA 5 game. Then he practiced playing that game and then recorded the videos starting from Mission 1 to End. He found that everyone loved his GTA 5 content and was really happy. So he continued this series too and he successfully finished GTA 5 game. Then he planned to do next games.

He uploaded House of the Dead 3 videos too. He found that it is the successor of THotD2 game, so he recorded, uploaded in YouTube and finished the game successfully. He really loved that he was getting little-more subscribers and views.

Monetization and Earning Money in YouTube (2016)

DeepakCoolGuy found in YouTube that some famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Smosh, gamers Typical Gamer, theRadBrad, Jelly etc. are earning money. So he wanted to earn money too. He found Monetization option in YouTube and enabled it. Then he monetized all his videos and he started earning money. He was really surprised for seeing his first SAR10.00 riyals in YouTube Analytics. So he was trying to earn more and more money by uploading more videos.

Because of his content, he got 100 subscribers and approximately 1000-2000 views.

Year 2017's progress (2017)

It became a year since DeepakCoolGuy created his channel. He surpassed 100 subscribers.

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