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DerekRants Gaming (Also known DerekRants, D R Gaming or DRG) Is a British Fifa YouTuber who joined in August 2012. DerekRants Gaming may have the word Gaming on the end of his name, but on that channel, he only plays Fifa games. He currently does pack openings, pinkslipss, Russian Roulette, Sterling's Road to Glory, Challenge Me Fifa, Q & As, and he used to do Deal or No Deal. He also has a series named Goodie Bags, similar to Russian Roulette.


The man who is Derek wears a mask and it says on YouTube he likes to have bantaaaaaaaa and wears it for Comedic value and to play a character. Nobody knows his real name or what he really looks like. There is a Google photo of a supposed him, but authenticity is not confirmed. His age is suspected to be 30 as of 12/6/14.

Other Channels

He has many other channels here is a list and the links beside them

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