Allo it's me DM!

―Derrick McCormick

Derrick McCormick is an American Web Series on YouTube which is created by McCormick himself with his company UNODASH!!! The series started out as one minute skits as ordinary videos, but since McCormick saw a lot of random people watching these skits and loving them, McCormick decided to make it as a series. A sneak preview for the series aired on June 17, 2016, Derrick introduces the skit which was a BenJamin skit, and the pilot episode was "BenJamin McRooney Fights Back". The pilot was originally titled "When you tell a joke to somebody, but you don't mean it in a bad way" but Derrick thought the title was too long, so it was renamed to "BenJamin McRooney Fights Back".

Then the official series premiered on June 22, 2016, the series theme song is "Nah Nah Ne Nah Nah" which is from the British cartoon "Horrid Henry" which doesn't use the song anymore because they made a new one. The series is rated TV G for all audiences to watch, even though some episodes had a small amount of profanity, which McCormick doesn't do that in the series anymore than he used to because he thought he went a little too far.


Derrick Uno McCormick thought for a long time how it would be like if he did a series for people to watch and entertained from. Derrick liked to make people laugh and entertain, so then he made his own YouTube channel in October 6, 2013 at 10 years old and made a few skits, but the skits they were really poorly made. So the reason why deleted his videos and gave up YouTube, was because his skits at first had a bad camera quality effect, his sound wasn't that good, and he didn't know how to edit then. Years later in May of 2015, Derrick returned back to YouTube to do skits again. But this time, he uses an IPad to film his skits, which now his skits has excellent camera quality, sound, and editing effects. At that time, he started out as doing skits for YouTube for fun, then Derrick noticed something, he saw many people watching these one minute shorts and just laughing and enjoying them, and complimenting Derrick how great and funny they were. This is where the series comes in the works, McCormick started production on the series for YouTube in late May to early June of 2016, where he started filming the episodes.

Derrick started designing his room to it make look very kid friendly, and started designing his own clothes around late 2015- early 2016 which was called the DM clothes, which was Derrick's own style of clothing. He used a long cerulean shirt and wore a light green shirt over it, making the cerulean shirt are now shown as sleeves under the light green shirt. Over it he used a red neck tie over the shirt to make it look like something new for his clothing, and lastly he added a purple beanie. Derrick said he would wear these clothes in every episode, because he liked how in a lot of cartoons and live action, they wore the same clothes, so Derrick thought it would be cool and funny to do that. However, he didn't wear the DM clothes in episodes one through five, but in episode five "DemonicBunny" he did wear the neck tie, but he wore a "Speed Racer" shirt instead.

The first thing he uploaded on for the series, was in June 17, 2016, five days before the show came to premiere. Which was "BenJamin McRooney Fights Back" this became the pilot episode of Derrick McCormick and the BenJamin skits. This skit was about BenJamin McRooney telling a joke to Big Boy Barry, but he takes the joke in a bad way. This was originally titled "When you tell a joke to somebody, but you don't mean it in a bad way", but Derrick thought the original title was too long, and he wanted it short and simple. But however, the original tile was already in the beginning of the video when Derrick was introducing it and says the original title. BenJamin later became character in the series because McCormick loved the character and decided to put him in, but here, he didn't have a name, he was just a random character, but he was later named BenJamin afterwards.

Five days after that the web series "Derrick McCormick" was made on June 22, 2016 on a Wednesday. The first episode was "Happy Silly Dab" where here is very different, because at that time, Derrick didn't wear the DM clothes yet, until episode six. This episode along with episodes two and three, were for twelve minutes, instead of its ordinary fifteen or twenty minute episode. The reason why it went like this because Derrick's IPad Air 2 for some reason, had a error about not accepting the video longer due to storage, this was fixed after episode three "Groovin and Moovin", where staring with episode four "Yogurt Milk" it changed became fourteen to fifteen minutes, this continued for the first season, until the second season where it was extended to twenty minutes long, which continued throughout the series.

Making the episodes in the beginning were very hard, because the audio would go up loud in earlier episodes by accident because since these were mostly filmed on "IMovie" before using other movie makers, the sound would go loud for no reason, which an error. Then saving the episodes were even more hard McCormick as he had to delete most of his stuff on his IPad, to make room for the storage, which at that time, was difficult and irritating. But later on, it was really this type of stuff anymore, and was working just fine. Later on in August of 2016, Derrick's mom bought him an IPhone 6s, which was great for backup so he could film videos than just using his IPad like before. The only problem was, he had to save the intro and many other things in the opening sequence of the series. So he used various apps like "MyMeadia" to save his material.


The series is about a teenaged boy named Derrick McCormick, who does a lot of random things, gets into random situations, and finds a way to get himself out of it, and talk about random topics. He lives in his own house by himself and talks about a lot stuff in his room. He also has a friend named ICUP the bear, a animated talking bear that came out of a storybook that Derrick made, and is now in the real world. The show also has minor and background characters like The Button, Gregory the Gorilla, or Tommy the Parrot

After when the Derrick segment is finished, there is another segment called "BenJamin" where here, it's about a teenaged boy named BenJamin, who usually goes through these situations, and finds a way to get himself out of it, which is kinda similar to Derrick, but differently. BenJamin's theme song uses "Drop It Like It's Hot" as the theme song. But this time, the Snoop part was dubbed over to BenJamin instead. BenJamin always goes to Derrick's house a lot because he finds it more fun than his house.


Derrick McCormick- Played by Derrick McCormick

He is a teenaged boy that is 15 years old and has his own house, and is the title character of the series. he enjoys drawing, singing songs, dancing, and talking to his friends. He, along with other characters, usually call him DM, which stands for "Derrick McCormick". His catchphrese is "Allo it's me DM" and "Peace Out" Whenever the show starts and when's its over. Its also revelad that Derrick doesn't have a girlfriend, which he hates. He also hates people who are rude to him, mostly fake people, and people who make him unhappy.

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