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Richard "the Dick" Coughlan, a.k.a Coughlan666/616/000 and now recently DickDynasty666, is an English comedian/youtuber, who is often regarded to as a "ranter". The topics on his channel mainly consist of attacking bigoted: religious fanatics, racists, homophobes and sometimes just plain "idiots". Coughlan is often subject to false flagging due to his often, controversial video topics. These false flagging attempts on his channel has caused his original channel Coughlan666, started in July 2008, to be terminated in August 2010, due to his commentary on internet pornography. His later made channels Coughlan616/000, that were created in response to Coughlan666 being terminated, were terminated in March 2014. He responed to this by creating DickDynasty666 almost immediately after.