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Dig Build Live is a group of animators who work together to make a series called "Dig Build Live". The group currently consists of Slamacow, CaptainSparklez, and BootstrapBuckaroo. TryHardNinja has also occasionally worked with the group on music video projects.


On December 10, 2012, CaptainSparklez, BootstrapBuckaroo, and Slamacow created the channel and uploaded their first video, Dig Build Live Episode 1: Spawn to kick-start their Digging Holes and Building Things, also known as "Dig Build Live" for short, on January 16, 2013. The video basically shows the process of what happens when a player generates a new survival world before they spawn in the game Minecraft.

The series now consists of 6 episodes, the sixth one being cut into two parts. There's also an episode "X", an episode that was considered by BootstrapBuckaroo, but was never actually animated. Instead, episode X simply shows the pre-animation drawings for the video.

The channel also uploaded a video for "Pi Day" on March 14, 2014 featuring a user who unsubscribed from the channel due to a lack of videos. BootstrapBuckaroo uploaded the video as a joke to inform players that even though they haven't uploaded any videos in a while, they are still working on animations.

It is unknown when episode 7 of the series will be uploaded or if the series will be continued at all. However, all members have been reporting that the channel is still active.

On August 31, 2013, CaptainSparklez uploaded a new music video on his channel called "Take Back the Night". The video reveals at the beginning that Dig Build Live helped work on the animation in collaboration with TryHardNinja.