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Dillon The Expert Hacker Here...

―Dillon The Hacker

Dillon Prescott Henderson (born November 5, 1998 (1998-11-05) [age 19]), known on YouTube as Dillon The Hacker, is an American satirical YouTuber who makes ranting vlogs. He joined YouTube on Feburary 27th, 2014. He became really popular with his rant videos mostly about PewDiePie, SmoshMarkiplierNicepeterBoogie2988Sam Pepper and other well known YouTubers. Eventually Dillon posted a YouTube video stating "I am very sorry for my actions and how I attacked Pewdiepie countless times and made false statements towards him", but this turned out to be a lie and a fake video. 


Henderson was born In Mesa, Arizona. His best friend is Kevin, also known as BG Kumbi. They go to the same school. Kevin supports Henderson's videos and promotes his channel to help him gain more fans. His dad is always working as a supervisor on offshore oil-rigs, so he doesn't know what videos Henderson is making on YouTube. His mom hears him making his videos, and Henderson has explained to her what he is doing on YouTube, but she is out of touch with the Internet and doesn't really understand what YouTube is. Henderson says he had a girlfriend named: Pupinia Stewart, and that "they will rule the world". In 2015, they broke up.   


On June 15, 2012, his friend Kevin or BGKumbi discussed his friend named “Dillon who is a hacker“. When Henderson uploaded his first YouTube video, it became so popular, that it gained 111,000+ views in the first week. In March of 2016, The Dilion the Hacker channel was terminated after receiving a third strike on his account. He is currently appealing the decision and is using his second channel to upload videos.

Prank war between 4chan and Dillon the Hacker

At the start of the war, Henderson told 4chan: “This is your warning 4chan. You do not want to cross a professional hacker“. After what Henderson said, members of 4chan started randomly putting images of internet’s cat lovers, porn addicts, and pranksters all gathered to hang out.

They ignored his warnings and found his address in Arizona. But then members of 4chan found out that it was a bait by Henderson. The fake address was tweeted by him.

The screengrab of the location of Henderson was posted by an unknown anonymous member named John Smith. Smith scrubbed his YouTube account of all his comments, leaving the YouTube account with 10 YouTube videos.

Programmers created automated programs called Scripts, So they can compare followers of: BGKumbi & StraightUpStreet. But after Dillon confirmed that BGKubmi & TraightUpStreet are members of a hacking group called The Meme Krew. Then BGKumbi said: “Not only are we going to take down 4chan, we’re going to take down Funnyjunk and Reddit as well."

New YouTube Channel 2015

Dillon Prescott Henderson Here...

―Dillon The Hacker

After four months, Henderson finally revealed that he was hacked by an anonymous member named Derrick (who also hacked his older YouTube channel). He made his new YouTube channel called Dillon Prescott Henderson. His first video was uploaded on May 10. But in the video, Henderson threatened Derrick. So Derrick became mad and made a video response.

His first video on his new account has been removed by YouTube, along with Derrick's.

Dillon asked PewDiePie to help him get his channel back. He didn't want to, but at the end he did and Dillon is making videos on his new channel as well on his old channel. Dillon joined the bro army.

In 2016, Dillon's main channel got terminated from YouTube, but his second channel is still on YouTube. At the end, Dillon got his main channel back.

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The message PewDiePie sent him

Claimed facts/lies

  • He has three cats.
  • He can play the guitar.
  • He has a Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation 4, DS, GameBoy, GameCube and a Wii U.
  • He likes Nirvana, Miley Cyrus,Taylor Swift and Weezer.
  • His favorite song is "Susanne" by Weezer.
  • His favorite show is "Breaking Bad."
  • His favorite movie is "Hackers."
  • He claims speak in Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, and English with no proof I'm guessing.
  • He watched the movie 'Scream' when he was 3 years old.
  • He thinks that he has an IQ of 143 though mostly likely fake just like being a hacker.
  • He supports Donald Trump as the stupider troll kid would :).
  • He claims to be the leader of Anonymous.
  • He claims to own 4chan.
  • He had his nipple pierced for 100,000 suscribers. xD
  • He graduated school, in second grade according to him and that probably false.
  • He self-proclaimed as a leader of Anonymous & 4chan but not really obviously. 
  • He and Pupinia Stewart have been dating since May 23, 2014.
  • He thinks the name "God" is an alright nickname for him.
  • His Dillon the Hacker account was recently suspended, but he claims he managed to hack into YouTube and get it back as Dillon Henderson. It is now back to Dillon the Hacker.
  • He has hacked xFl1ppyx's YouTube account, Coppercab's ruinscape.
  • On March 27th 2016, PewDiePie made a video about Dillon.