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Direwolf20 is a YouTuber that commonly playes Minecraft with mods on servers such as Forgecraft 1, 2, or 3. Forgecraft is a beta server  that tests mods before they are public and is a whitelisted (private) server for Mod Devolopers. He commonly does Let's Plays, Mod Spotlights, Mods and Commentary.

He has about 470,000 subscribers on YouTube. His channel was started on November 17, 2006.

There is a rare chance he will upload vanilla. In the past he has played Blocks Vs Zombies and the Building Game.

Little is known about his personal life because he states that he don't like sharing personal information. Though we do know that he lives in Pennsylvania. His first name is Michael[1] and he is 36 years old (Not Confirmed!). His birthday is confirmed to be the 20th of March [2][3]

Direwolf20 has his own IRC channel #direwolf20, you can reach it from this site:

Direwolf20 is currently playing Lets Play Season 9

In 2016 (till August, 2017) Direwolf20 was livestreaming at Twitch: Now livestreaming at Mixer: