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Dittydubstep is one of oldest dubstep promoters and one of most unknown people on YouTube, He mostly promoted DJ Rusko,DJ Datsik & DJ Caspa.

History and BIography

  • At the start of Dittydubsteps profile, He recorded his friend in store back in 2008.
  • After the video he uploaded 3 songs from Rusko, called: N.A.Q, Kid Sister ft Kanye West - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) and The Moaners,
  • At that time, his most viewed video was Kid Sister ft Kanye West - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix). It has over 500,000+ Views.
  • Then he uploaded two songs from a artist called: Suspicious Stench.
  • After Suspicious Stench, He uploaded two new songs from Rusko and one song from Babylon System & Noah D.
  • After he started uploading songs from: Caspa, Ganja White and Datsik.
  • His most viewed video is a song by Datsik called: Retreat, The video has over 600.000+ views.
  • It was his last upload, But theres no much biography about this user, Just that he pormoted music, 2008 - 2009.

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