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Gaming AmericanIcon MaleIcon YouTuber

Donald Van Houten, also known as his online alias, dlive22891, is a gaming YouTuber who mostly does indie, multiplayer, puzzle and random games. He is mostly the less serious person among the group. He intends to laugh, making jokes, and making things fun. Although, despite his goofbally persona, when time gets tough, it's always the time to get serious.


Besides getting game suggestions from viewers, Dlive sometimes gets suggestions from one of his most trusted friends, Entoan The Pack. He usually plays games with him, including Garry's Mod, and sometimes other co-op games, including Minecraft. Besides Entoan, Dlive sometimes plays games with another YouTuber, Daveosity.

Dlive occasionally does livestreams for charities such as AbleGamers and attempts to raise awareness by attempting to get a hashtag trending with his fans.

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