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Domagoj Đerfin, known as DoMoTV on YouTube, is a Croatian YouTuber. His channel is focuses on true scary story and creepypasta narrations.


Domagoj created his channel on 19 January 2016. He had another channel before he created this one. His channel is mostly focuses on the subject of horror. His first video is about one of most known creepypastas-The Rake.

Every video on his channel are done by recording himself reading aloud stories and other horror-themed content. He is not so active, but he upload at least one video weekly. Sometimes he made a short research on some mystery. Until now, he had collaboration with just one YouTuber, LefkoTV. They made a lot of videos together (mostly for Lefko's channel). He has read a multitude of different stories: Skinwalker, The Rake and many other in collaboration with LefkoTV like Dead Bart, Why Babies are Born Screaming and Barbie.avi (posted on Lefko's channel). He also made few videos about true horror stories which he translated from English to Croatian.