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Double4anime (Richard Wallace) is a YouTube anime and manga reviewer.  He usually covers his favorite long-running shows, specifically Naruto, and reviews each individual chapter or episode, but also covers some short-form series like Attack on Titan and ERASED. He also does videos on anime in general, and various live reaction videos.


Double4anime has been extremely controversial within the anime community. Many have called him out for alleged bias towards shows he likes, filming his videos while seemingly naked (his videos show him from the waist up, where he doesn't wear a shirt half the time), using excessive clickbait in all of his videos, being nonsensical and threatening towards haters in his speech, and holding conservative views. He has also been criticized for his controversial views on Islam and Donald Trump's proposed Muslim Ban in the United States.

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. Forneverworld (formerly)
  2. Sawyer7mage

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