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Doublethree1 is a Nintendo fantatic (among other things) that has a similar style of commentating as Superskarmory when doing walkthroughs, a moderator or admin at many minor forums that rely on his charismatic leadership and his willingness to help efficiently for said forums, and lastly a fan of the AuraPrince Fanfiction as well as being friendly with the author himself...



Pokemon Leafgreen

Super Mario Bros.

Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Pearl

Mario Hacks (A Let's Play Christmas)

Pokemon White

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

Starfox 64

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Subspace Emissary

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

Super Mario 3D Land

Pokemon White 2 (Japanese)

Nicktoons Unite!

New Super Luigi Bros (NSMB DS as Luigi)

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Nintendo Land

In Progress:

Zelda Twilight Princess (Blind)

Playstation AllStars Battle Royale

Collab LPs

Kirby's Epic Yarn With Matthew 22381

Fortune Street With themaractus


Emerald Random Nuzlocke With Matthew22381

Pokemon Blazeblack Voltwhite With Pokemaniac51(in progress) Canceled:

Pokemon HeartGold (Rom Crash)

Pokemon Platinum (Never Got around to doing it)

Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends (Didn't feel like it was getting enough views)

Legend of Zleda: Link to the Past (Diddn't like doing a blind LP)(Restart in 2012 sometime)

Pokemon Tower Defense (Found it pointless)

Pokemon Red (Pointless along with Leafgreen)

Zelda Phantom Hourglass Blind (Mouse problems)

Earthbound/Mario Party DS/Kid Icarus: Uprising/Pokemon Crystal (Done during a time in 2012 when Double wasn't in an LPing mood and felt non were worth watching, most canceled before completing the game)

Other People that appear


Matthew is one of Double's real life friends, he has made appearences in a few of Double's Subspace Emissary Videos and was in an extra Brawl video vs the Asian Kid. He seems to like Kirby and Link


David is another in real life friend, he is known mostly for "Asian Kid Freak Out" on "TheWhatCheese" (Collab channel between Double and Mrcoolz3000) but also appeared in "Sims 3: Munch Kin's Life" and was the main played in Starfox 64. He was also in a Brawl match where Double, Matthew and Denis did a 3 on 1 against him.


Not much is known about Denis, He uses Meta Knight and Pit in Brawl. Double's Marrowak "Dennis" from Pokémon Red seems to be partly named after him.

Random Facts

  • While Double was doing Town Side Bars In Pokémon LeafGreen He Never had a Celadon City Side Bar
  • Double never beat Paper Mario before LPing it
  • Double uses Matt "Pokeartist" for most art
  • Double has never left up a Johto LP despite doing multiple.