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Youtube Profile Picture
Profile: Ashens
Twitter: @ashens
Facebook: N/A
Style: Sketch
Date Joined: Feb 23, 2006
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 550,000+*
Videos: 250+
Schedule: Weekly
Status: Active

Stuart Ashens is a YouTube comedian from the UK. He is most well known for reviews of 'POPstations' (Game console rip-offs). Stuart Ashen often colabs with Larry Bundy Jr when reviewing 'tat'.

Stuart encourages people to send him toys for him to review to his home in Norwich in 2012 


Stuart, along with some actors, created a short 10 episode series called The Proxy in which they battled humanoid robots, that plot for many was a little confusing.

Stuart, some friends, and some famous actors made a full-feature movie entitled "Ashens and the Quest for the Game Child" that was funded on Kickstarter. It was released for free veiwing on Youtube August 8th, 2013. you can watch it here Ashens started a secondary channel in September 2011 on which behind the scenes and extra footage was uploaded. This channel is named Extra Ashens.

In his 140th video, he mentioned that he was 34, making his birth year sometime around 1977.



Youtube Profile Picture
Profile: ExtraAshens
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Style: Unknown
Date Joined: September 15, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 105,000+*
Videos: 30
Schedule: 2 months ago
Status: Unknown

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