Dragos Mihai Budeanu (born December 8, 1997 (1997-12-08) [age 20]), is a Romanian YouTuber , singer-songwriter from Brasov, Codlea .


Dragos is a very optimistic guy who loves making people happy trough his projects and he also stated that "We are all happy , but we don't admit it yet !" (Source:Instagram) . That being said , his ultimate goal is to make people forget about the bad things in life , because they don't matter anyway and happiness is the key to success .


"When I was younger , I was pesimistic and shy , but after dealing with bullies and a lot of enemies , I finally found my way trough music and English . Why English ? Because learning English can help you make new friends , go trough new experiences and learn more about different cultures around the world . I've also learned how to focus on the good life and turn my problems into something awesome ! Oh , and I've always been a curious person . That's why I love learning new things every single day ! " (Source : Dragos himself)


Dragos is only at the begining of his career ,  but he already managed to be in a band , called "Good Times" , and was part of some local gigs and shows , such as "Marul Dulce" and "Sarbatoarea Primaverii" . Then he also collaborated with some of his friends from another countries to make inspirational videos and covers . His original songs are expected to come in 2017 all of them part of his first EP .


His videos are mainly covers , but he ocasionally posts vlogs , tags , challenges or short films too . Dragos' most popular video is his cover of "Want to want me" by Jason Derulo .


He doesnt't have a favourite color , food , number or song .

Dragos has 2 dogs . Their names are Kitty and Jessy .

He used to hate music and English when he was younger .

He's basically celebrating his birthday twice a year . Why ? Because his middle name , "Mihai" , is celebrated on November 8th in his country .

Favorite phrases : "99% of people die without knowing why they live . The sad thing is that they are not even curious to find that out !" , "If you want it all you can't be distracted by the illusion that you have created . Only when your mind is clear enough you can enjoy your life without thinking about your desires . Your desires are irelevant ".


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