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Drake Christopher Henning (born September 9, 1993 (1993-09-09) [age 23]) also known as Drakestopher is a 21-year old Gaming YouTuber from Bryant, AR.[1] He is well-known for primarily playing Survival Horror games, but plays all types on his channel.


As of starting his gaming channel in late-2013, he has gained over 46,000 subscribers. In addition to posting 1-2 gaming videos a day, he also has a series every Thursday called Drakestopher's Day, which consists of normal "YouTuber" style talk-to-the-camera videos or challenges.[2]

Outside of his gaming channel, Drake Christopher has a solo-band known as CatchingYourClouds, which has achieved international success.[3]

Gaming Videos + Series

Drakestopher has played hundreds of games from multiple genres including Survival Horror, Horror RPG, Survival Adventure, Indie and more. A full list of games played can be found HERE.


Alongside playing multiplayer games with his friends in the band Give Up Ghost, Drake has done many videos with other notable YouTubers, including Johnnie Guilbert, Christian Novelli, and Cessadilla.[4]


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