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Daniel Satmareanu mostly known as DubstepGutter or just Gutter, is a Romanian dubstep promoter.


The channel started off on January 25, 2011. Gutter started promoting music by famous dubstep artist as: Spag Heddy, EH!DE, Barley Alive, etc. On December 18, 2014, Gutter relased his first Best Dubstep Drops video. It's his most viewed video. It has over 400M*+ views. Gutter now has over 1M*+ subscribers and is still growing. For many people this channel is also a sign of quality.


Daniel is the founder of six YouTube channels:

  1. Dubstep Gutter - 1.8M*+ Subscribers
  2. Deep Gutter - 54K*+ Subscribers
  3. GUTTER - 70K*+ Subscribers
  4. Kill The Copyright - 47K*+ Subscribers
  5. Bass Gutter - 41K*+ Subscribers
  6. Replay Gutter - 17K*+ Subscribers

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