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DxVisceral is a gaming YouTuber who makes montages featuring his own high-skill gameplay mixed with fitting Electro-Industrial and Aggrotech music playing in the backround for esthetic value

About Edit

The most of his videos are Left 4 Dead montages with Hunter gameplay, however he's also made a Boomer montage,and Team Montage, a Survivor montage, a Serious Sam 3 montage, and multiplayer Half-Life: Source video. After uploading his Serious Sam 3 montage he suddenly disappeared off of YouTube for three to four years without uploading anything, however he very recently released a trailer for a new upcoming montage which will be uploaded sometime during May 2015.

He does not do commentary videos, the only videos you can hear his voice is from a few interviews of him and a few Left 4 Dead tournament videos. He has been in several L4D professional gaming teams. These being team Dx, Latino Heat, Area 51, and Hudson E-Spots.

Trivia Edit

Through his gaming montages he has promoted several Aggrotech music bands. Including Hocico, God Module, Unter Null, Amduscia, Terminal Choice, Psyclon Nine, Velvet Acid Christ, Dimmu Borgir, and Flesh Field.

Visceral is the first Left 4 Dead montage maker to make Hunter montages with Aggrotech music playing in the background. Since he started uploading these videos hundreds of other YouTubers were inspired to do the same thing.