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Dylan Dauzat is an American YouTube vlogger, actor, singer and a model.


He is from Louisiana but travels to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in modeling and acting. Three of his most popular YouTube videos are part of the same series titled "Cute Things Girls Do." On Vine, he frequently hashtags himself as Dylanator. He was featured in a Vine video by  called "That one friend who can't be quiet during a prank..." along with fellow Vine superstars Kayden Stephenson, Klairty & Jake Foushee. Dylan was born on November 2, 1997.


Dylan's first song is a rap single called 'Kickin It'. His second was a single named 'Mine Tonight'. Dylan's third was another single called 'You Got That'. Currently, 'Mine Tonight' and 'Kickin It' are the only ones with music videos. Dylan recorded an EP album with 4 songs. They are called 'Magnetic', 'Celebration', 'Blue Eyed Dime' and 'Shine'.


Dylan used to have shorter medium brown curly hair. As the years have progressed, he has let it grow longer and switches between using gel to curve it up or letting it lay naturally. Dylan has a pair of wire framed glasses, but it is unknown if they are prescription or not.  He used to wear blue contacts, but his eyes are naturally medium brown with flecks of hazel.