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Desmond Daniel "Etika" Amofah (born 1990 [age 26]), known on YouTube as EWNetwork, is a YouTuber who streams on YouTube. He reads donation messages in his live streams and often has to turn them off because he gets spammed with donations and can't actually play the game.


  • “My d--k!”
  • “What is going on guys. Etika from the Etika World Network here.” (intro)
  • “I’ll talk to you in the next one. Take care of yourselves. And of course as usual please have yourself a damn good one.” (outro)
  • “Are you n--gering me, right now?”
  • “Sounds like Xenoblade.”
  • Mewtwo!”
  • "I'm not a news channel."
  • "Sponz hype!"
  • "No b--ch n--gas and no snitch n--gas."
  • J O Y C O N B O Y Z!


  • Etika once got lost in North Carolina. During that time, he claims to have possibly saw a supernatural ghost whisper to him in the video where he announced he got lost. He later made a tweet confirming he was okay and feeling merry about things. He also deleted the two videos that were related to the ghost.
  • He briefly changed his channel name to Young Ramsay Network in 2015 after cooking scallops and being inspired by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, whom he renamed his channel temporarily after. Soon afterwards, Ramsay himself started following Etika on Twitter.
  • Etika had a girlfriend named Christine, who often appeared in some of his videos. However, on February 3, 2017, Etika and Christine announced that they broke-up.
  • Etika doesn't keep promises 
  • Etika use to be a model until YouTube 
  • Etika got $25 from Sony after suing them

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