Doge meme

Screen cap of Youtube after doge meme search.

YouTube have featured easter eggs on their website in the present and past,so here are the easter eggs currently/preivously featured on the website.


If you search "doge meme", the text ui for the site changes to a colorful and diffierent sized font.

Snake (previously(kinda))

previously, if you pressed up while a video is buffering, the loading circle will become a snake and dots will appear in the video and you have to eat the dots to get longer,but you can't run into yourself or crash into the video borders because the snake will go away.

Nowadays if you want to do this easter egg, you gotta add "&html5=1" at the end of the video URL.

Rainbow timeline

If you go to any video and type "awesome", the video's timeline will become a rainbow constantly changing color.

The Force

if you search "use the force luke", the page will start to warp around depanding on your mouse's movements.

Harlem Shake

If you search "do the harlem shake", the harlem shake will play as the logo moves left and right and after the drop the whole UI will move quite spastically.

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