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Bryant Moreland, better known by his YouTube channel name eatdatpussy445, (commonly referred to as EDP), is a sports YouTuber and vlogger best known for his devotion for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is most famous for his rant videos, but also makes vlogs, cooking videos, reviews, and Let's Plays. He also has a gaming channel EDPGAMING1 and a cooking channel CHAOTICKITCHEN445.


EDP is primarily known for his videos about the Philadelphia Eagles. He also hosts a series Don't You Hate That Shit. In 2012, a spin-off channel, CHAOTICKITCHEN445, debuted. The channel is dedicated to cooking. Another spin-off channel, EDPGAMING1, followed in 2013.


Game recaps/reactions

The most popular and common of EDP'S videos are his videos about the Philadelphia Eagles. He makes previews for games and releases a reaction/recap of the game afterwards (or sometimes, during the game). Additionally, he makes videos on developments of the team during the offseason (trades, NFL draft, etc). He also occasionally makes such videos for the San Antonio Spurs.

Food Reviews

EDP reviews a food or drink item. Due to EDP going on a diet in 2016, he hasn't made any more food reviews (with the exception of a video where he tries his first protein shake).

Don't You Hate That Shit

Don't You Hate That Shit is a series featuring EDP talking about the things that annoy him in life. 35 episodes have been made since 2012.


Due to a growing interest in "eatdatpussy445 style cooking" amongst fans, a spin-off channel dedicated to cooking premiered in 2012.


Another spin-off channel, this time focusing on gaming, premiered in 2013. The channel has remained inactive since 2014, though in a Q&A video in 2015 EDP stated he will eventually release a new Let's Play.

In the Media

EDP's earliest appearance in the media was in a video for the Philadelphia City Paper. The video in question was about Philadelphia Eagles fans reactions to the team's lackluster season that year.

EDP has made multiple appearances on the Comedy Central series Tosh.0. In 2015, his video "EAGLES TRADE MCCOY!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was featured on an episode of the MTV series Ridiculousness. Also in 2015, he was featured on ESPN's Sportsnation and Fox News.

In 2015, EDP began hosting a series on rapper Tyler the Creator's app Golf Media called All the Way Live with Eatdatpussy445. The series is a parody of sports news programs like SportsCenter.

In 2016, EDP was featured on The Howard Stern Show. Howard Stern even used EDP's likeness to prank call a record store.


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