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Efpro is a Technology YouTuber, Witch mostly makes Review, Tutorials td.


The channel was a Technology channel. It featured technology reviews, tutorials, thoughts, and more. The channel had over 800 subscribers. The first technology video was "Garage Band For Windows (How to Get)" The video recieved over 50,000 views. The most viewed video was "How to Hack Itunes for free music" This video recived over 100,000 video views. Although the video was fake, it was popular because it's title was catchy. The channel's video views added to over 350,000 video views total. The channel also had contest from time to time. The channel recived about one video every two days.


The channel efpro was created October 27 of 2007. The channel was first set out to be a comedy channel. The channel was a comedy channel until about early 2008. It then later became a channel dedicated to technology. Which was turned into "EFPRO's Computer Tutorials". It was soon to become slighlty popular.

Partnering with YouTube

The channel was first selected in the IVP or "Individual Video Partnership program". It then became a full YouTube Partner in November 2009. It was then ready to make revenue from the videos.

The End of efpro

In February 2010, efpro was suspended for four false copyright strikes. In Janaury, the channel gave out some old 2007 accounts. One person did not change the email to that 2007 account and uploaded some "Family Guy" videos. The copyright strikes linked to efpro, thus making the suspension. After a few emails, YouTube was clear that they will no re-open efpro.