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Shine Tachibana (born February 9, 1997 (1997-02-09) [age 19]), known on YouTube as Einshine, is a half German, half Japanese YouTuber, who makes videos about anime and gaming related topics.


Shine was born in Japan. He lives in Japan, where he is roommates with his friend Kat, and used to live with his friend Joey; Joey moved out due to Shine wanting to focus on becoming a mangaka. Shine has two channels, one English channel, another with his best friend Kat, called "Kat and Shine". He used to have a ONLY Japanese channel. When he was younger, he used to make Minecraft videos. He has made a video with SkyDoesMinecraft, who is a famous Minecraft YouTuber, called Let's have some FUN in Minecraft (A Minecraft Parody of When Can I See You Again?). It is also his most viewed video. Einshine was not the only name that the channel was called. It was once called ShallWeCraftCharlie. In a Q&A video, he said Charlie was his middle name (Which is incorrect, his middle name is Lucas, and is full English name is Charles Lucas Schwingendorf). We can only assume his full name is Shine Charlie Tachibana. Currently, he does YouTube part-time and works on a Manga with Kat (she draws the art while he writes) and he sometimes makes t-shirts with Kat and sells them for extra-cash to support themselves.

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. The Anime Man (Joey Bizinger)
  2. Nyansai (Kat)
  3. Rachel & Jun
  4. Sharla in Japan/Sharmander (Sharla)
  5. FrediSaalAnimations
  6. SamGladiator


  • He joined YouTube on June 27, 2012.
  • He and his friend, Joey, don't like the anime SAO (Sword Art Online).
  • He is a well-known fan of the video games of the Danganronpa series, which SirCutieYuki introduced him to.
  • Shine has cosplayed several characters before, including: Byakuya Togami, Nagito Komaeda, Male!Umaru-chan, and Hajime Hinata. The first three cosplays can be found here while the last one can be found here.
  • His dad is Japanese and he speaks JAPANESE. Based on a Draw My Life vide, which was since privated off YouTube, Shine stated that his father left him and his mother when he was young.
  • His mother is German because in his "Minecraft Armor in Real Life Video" His mother comes in speaking English ^-^
  • He has lived in Alaska for one year. He did live in the UK, with SirCutieYuki, this was confirmed from her own friends, between December 2013 to April 2014. If you scroll far back enough from his twitter, you can see some of her old drawings.
  • He was previously friends with SirCutieYuki, but as of May 2014 they stopped speaking. The reason is not known why.
  • Shine insists that he is NOT an anime YouTuber, he only made a few videos about anime.

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