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EliteProductions is a British & American YouTube group who create Machinimas in various video games, mainly Minecraft. A machinima is a short film created in a video game.


EliteProductions uploaded their first video 7 November 2011 when the channel was under the name HDSpiiDerzZ, the video was called "Sonic the Hedgehog- The Movie" and currently has over 20,000 views.The channel was re-named EliteProductions in 2013 when the Owner and Co-Founder of the channel Will Evans and Rhys Griffiths decided to make the channel a group channel. The first machinima released onto the channel was "Herobrine- Minecraft Machinima" which was uploaded on 25 March 2013. Since then the channel has uploaded over 10 machinimas including the Hunted series and the Stranded series.

The channel gained popularity when they released "Fast and Furious 6 and GTA 5 Trailer Mash Up" on the 26th September 2013 which now has over 25,000 views. The video was as the title suggests, a mash up of the Fast and Furious 6 movie trailer and the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer.

The Team

EliteProductions has 4 members as of October 2015.


Will - The Founder and Leader of the team. He is the group's Editor.

Rhys- The Co-Founder of the team. He is the group's Graphics Designer.

Makaela - The teams animator, songwriter. She joined in 2015

Michael- He is the Writer of the group. Joined 2014

Although not a part of the core group, the channel also features a few other people, including Steffan, Nick and Frankie.


EliteGaming is the secondary and gaming channel for the group. It opened in 2014. The channel is run by the entire team although it is mainly run by Rhys, Makaela and Michael.

EP Graphics

EP Graphics is the group's graphics channel created by Rhys and run by Rhys. The channel was created for Rhys and Makaela to create tutorials and showcase some of their art for the channel. The channel opened in 2015.

Herobrine Origins

Herobrine Origins is the machinima that gave the channel its popularity. It was uploaded on April 12, 2014 and currently has over 200,000 views. The video was featured in a few Minecraft related forums and gained 1,000 views in under 10 minutes. It is based on the Stephen King novel and film adaptions, Carrie. It follows a 17 year old Steve (The mascot of Minecraft) who gets bullied in high school who learns that he has the power of telekenesis. AND TO AVOID SPOILERS JUST GO WATCH THE MOVIE-

Cast and Crew:

DaneDimension - Steve Briggs

Paul Giannotta - Robert Briggs

Marv Gatehouse - Jack Briggs

Joey Wong - Thomas White

Shea Winter - Principle Shackleton

Tijn Bosters - Randall Smith

Rhys Griffiths - Priest Mathews

Directed by- Will Evans and Cai Williams

Written by- Shea Winter and Knightsabers

Produced by- Shea Winter and Will Evans

Graphics and Art- Rhys Griffiths

Edited by- Will Evans and Rhys Griffiths

Herobrine Origins Part II

Herobrine Origins Part II is the sequel to Herobrine Origins. It was uploaded on November 23, 2014. The sequel was highly requested by fans of the first and became highly anticipated when it was revealed. Unlike the first, this movie is not based on the Stephen King novel Carrie. It has an original plot with some inspirations from movies like Transformers, Harry Potter, Amazing Spider-Man.

The plot takes place minutes after the events of the first, following Steve now on the run from the police that are now searching for him. WATCH IT HERE -

Herobrine Origins Part III

Herobrine Origins Part III is the upcoming third movie in the Origins franchise. It was announced on January 6, 2015. The movie is one of the most anticipated machinimas of 2015 along with the likes of The1ToFear's Incursion, ProperSteeze's Skies of Aurora movie. Will Evans has said that the story will revolve around Steve still on the run but also learning more about his deceased mother. It has been rumoured that the movie will have a run time of around 40 minutes. The planned release date is December 20, 2015.

Minecraft Machinima Awards and

EliteProductions hosted the 2015 Minecraft Machinima Awards. It was the second annual Machinima Awards, previously hosted by NewScapeProductions. Machinimators like ProperSteeze, NewScapePro, DaneDimension, MegaStudios, AcheronStudios, KDProductions presented awards. Some winners included The1ToFear, ProperSteeze, AdamRodriguezGamez, KDProductions.

Herobrine Origins Part II was the winner of the award "Best Original Screenplay".

In 2015 EliteProductions were invited by ProperSteeze to join the website for Minecraft machinimas, The website is solely for Minecraft machinimas where it posts, reviews machinimas from anyone.

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