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EliteProductions is a British & American YouTube group who create Machinimas in various video games, mainly Minecraft. A machinima is a short film created in a video game.


EliteProductions uploaded their first video 7 November 2011 when the channel was under the name HDSpiiDerzZ, the video was called "Sonic the Hedgehog- The Movie" and currently has over 20,000 views.The channel was re-named EliteProductions in 2013 when the Owner and Co-Founder of the channel Will Evans and Rhys Griffiths decided to make the channel a group channel. The first machinima released onto the channel was "Herobrine- Minecraft Machinima" which was uploaded on 25 March 2013. Since then the channel has uploaded over 10 machinimas including the Hunted series and the Stranded series. In 2016 they also introduces the Origins Universe, which is the shared universe for their Herobrine Origins films.

The channel gained popularity when they released "Fast and Furious 6 and GTA 5 Trailer Mash Up" on the 26th September 2013 which now has over 25,000 views. The video was as the title suggests, a mash up of the Fast and Furious 6 movie trailer and the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer.

The Team

EliteProductions has 3 members as of April 2018.


Will - The Founder and Leader of the team. He is the group's Director and Editor.

Rhys- The Co-Founder of the team. He is the group's Graphics Designer.

Cai - The technician for EP, he hosts all servers for filming. He joined in 2013 but was kicked in 2014. It was announced on Twitter in the summer of 2016 that Cai would be returning to the team as a writer and director.


EP2 is the secondary and gaming channel for the group. It opened in 2014. The channel is run by the entire team. Its where they post gaming, behind the scenes and vlogs.

Herobrine Origins

Herobrine Origins is the machinima that gave the channel its popularity. It was uploaded on April 12, 2014 and currently has over 100,000,000 views. The video was featured in a few Minecraft related forums and gained 1,000 views in under 10 minutes. It is based on the Stephen King novel and film adaptions, Carrie.

The film was announced in December 2014 and was EliteProductions' first major project, following the short films "Herobrine" which they released earlier in that year. The film took 3 months to make.

The film follows Steve Briggs, a bullied 17 year old who lives with his uncle Jack after his father, Robert was killed from unknown causes. As the High School End of Year Party approaches, Steve learns that he has telekinesis, Steve begins to move things with his mind. During the Party, Steve's lifelong bully, Thomas White, locks Steve inside the janitors closet, keeping him out of the party. This triggers Steve's power as he blows open the door, after that all hell breaks loose. Steve sets the school on fire and kills almost everyone attending the party.


Herobrine Origins Part II

Herobrine Origins Part II is the sequel to Herobrine Origins. It was uploaded on November 23, 2014. The sequel was highly requested by fans of the first and became highly anticipated when it was revealed. Unlike the first, this movie is not based on the Stephen King novel Carrie. It has an original plot with some inspirations from movies like Transformers, Harry Potter, Amazing Spider-Man.

The plot takes place moments after the events of the first, following Steve now on the run from the police that are now searching for him. WATCH IT HERE -

Herobrine Origins Part III

Herobrine Origins Part III is the third film in the Herobrine Origins series of films. It was one of the most highly anticipated Minecraft machinima of 2015-16 along with The1ToFear's INCURSION. The film was released on March 6th 2016. 

The film took over a year to make, with its announcement back in January 2015. 

The film is the highest rated Minecraft Film on the website, holding a 9/10 rating. The film was met to highly positive reviews, with viewers praising the film for its original story, impressive voice acting, visuals and music.

It continues the story of Steve Briggs, who is still on the run from the police. He finds himself in Los Angeles where he befriends Gavin Roberts and Amy Rose. During the film, Steve also learns about his mysterious mother, Anna Briggs who died when Steve was only 3 years old. 

This film also introduced the BRINE serum which is said by EliteProductions to be very important for the future of the Herobrine Origins films.


Spider-Man Series

In 2015 EliteProductions started a new series on the channel called "Spider-Man". The first season "Spider-Man: Dawn of Carnage" started on June 1st 2015 and ended on January 13th 2017. The first season had 9 episodes which were around 10 minutes long.

The series starred David Figueroa as Peter Parker / Spider-Man and Kim Khan as Gwen Stacy.

Season Two was announced on March 3rd 2017, and it is titled "Spider-Man: Age of the Devil". The opening titles were released which announced the main cast and introduced new characters. David Figueroa will be returning as Peter Parker and Quinn Boyce Bacon is said to be playing Matt Murdock / DareDevil.

Minecraft Machinima Awards and

EliteProductions hosted the 2015 Minecraft Machinima Awards. It was the second annual Machinima Awards, previously hosted by NewScapeProductions. Machinimators like ProperSteeze, NewScapePro, DaneDimension, MegaStudios, AcheronStudios, KDProductions presented awards. Some winners included The1ToFear, ProperSteeze, AdamRodriguezGamez, KDProductions.

Herobrine Origins Part II was the winner of the award "Best Original Screenplay".

In 2015 EliteProductions were invited by ProperSteeze to join the website for Minecraft machinimas, The website is solely for Minecraft machinimas where it posts, reviews machinimas from anyone. As of June 2017, the website is down and there is no news of it returning.