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Rubén Doblas Gundersen (born February 13, 1990 (1990-02-13) [age 27]) better known by his online alias as elrubiusOMG or elrubius is a Spanish YouTuber that makes gameplays, skits and vlogs. He is currently the second most subscribed Hispanic YouTuber behind HolaSoyGerman with over 32 million subscribers and the second most subscribed gaming YouTuber behind PewDiePie with over 57 million subscribers.

So far this year, elrubiusOMG has gained over 3 million subscribers, jumping from YouTube's seventh to fourth most subscribed channel, surpassing Smosh on January 7, RihannaVEVO on July 31, and YouTube Spotlight on Septmeber 5. He now has over 26 million subscribers but got surpassed by T-Series on October 11, now having the fifth most subscribed YouTube channel.

Two years ago this month, elrubiusOMG recieved YouTube's diamond play button for reaching 10 million subscribers, being the first YouTuber from Spain to do so. He is still the most subscribed YouTuber from Spain today.

In 2016, he was named "YouTuber of the Year" at the first Play Awards Ceremony celebrated in his Native country of Spain.

The Start

Rubén started his first channel in 2006, with his original channel named "elrubius". On there, he did Skyrim gameplay, but was forced to stop to use this channel, because of copyright claims. Later in 2011 he opened his second channel "elrubiusOMG", with Skyrim gameplay again, other gameplays, along with skits and vlogs. He had a decent and growing following, giving him about 50,000 subscribers in 2012.

Increasing Popularity

In 2013, he started to do chatroulite videos and occasionally some Omegle videos Elrubius due to these things as well as making a music video that went viral gained many subscriptions. He is still one of the fastest growing YouTubers of all time, the most he has gained being over a million subscribers in a single month. He currently gets 300 thousand subscribers a month and has as well one of the most video viewed and the fastest growing video viewed channels with over 6 billion views, gaining 100 million views a month.

Addition to his YouTube channel, Elrubius also has a following on other social media, most of his followers being viewers of his YouTube channel. Aside having YouTube's fifth most subscribed channel, peaking at fourth, he also has the fifth most retweeted post on Twitter with over 1.42 million retweets, peaking at third.

Other Success

ElrubiusOMG is one of the richest YouTubers on the platform.


Year Title Type
2014 El libro Troll Book
2015 Elrubius: Virtual Hero Comic
2016 Virtual Hero II: La torre imposible Comic
2017 Virtual Hero III: La máscara del troll Comic


Year Title Type Genre Role
2014 Torrente 5 Movie Comedy Cameo Apperance
2014 La otra película Television Show Comedy Co-Main Character


  • Elrubius was also a director in Torrente 5 and La otra película.


He has well have had guests stars appear in his videos such as American actors Matt Damon and Jennifer Lawrence and fellow Spanish YouTubers, Fernanfloo and JuegaGerman.


"¡Muy buenas, criaturitas del Señor!" ("Hello there, little creatures of the Lord!")

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