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Elvis Horton, known online as "Elvis the Alien" on YouTube, is an American YouTuber and comedian.


Elvis created his channel on the 8th of August 2015 and initially made gaming videos. He soon realized that those videos weren't getting that many views, so he switched to doing commentary styled videos. He soon started to get attraction and was noticed by many big Commentary channels.

Hot Wet Soup

Elvis later joined a podcast called 'Hot Wet Soup' with BionicPIG and Zaptie, two fellow YouTubers. The podcast would often feature well known creators both within and outside of the commentary community, such as Colossal Is Crazy, Keemstar, HeyWatchYourMouth and many others. The podcast was later closed due to a feud with Zaptie, and once again rebooted with Leon Lush, another fellow Youtuber, replacing Zaptie. The podcast has now either ended or has been on hiatus since Jul 19, 2017.


  • Elvis is married to a woman named Sarah Phillips.
  • Elvis has a clothing line called "Ayylien Clothing".