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 Elvisa Yomastercard is a Spanish YouTuber. He does tutorials on how to do daily life things. Actually, Elvisa is a guy dressed as a girl, but he's not a transvestite, it's only a joke. The fact that he is a boy is hidden by the story that Elvisa is the daughter of a bear (and that is the excuse that he uses when they ask about his beard) and an elf from Narnia. Her name is a reference to two credit cards, Visa and Mastercard. 

They are some videos, where his real voice is shown, but unly like a voice narrating what's happening on the video. 

The channel was created the 24th of January 2011, and it has over 400,000 subscribers. 

Actualidad TeVe

On the third of July 2014, he created another channel. Here he still uses his wig and wears women clothes. Unlike the main channel, on this one he makes fake news like Men disguises it's turtle as a burguer to travel with it and puts subtitles to videos on Japanese and other languages making them look like they are people taliking about the news.

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