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Greetings my lovelies, Hi it's Emmy and welcome back to another....

―Emmy's Intro

Emmy Cho known on YouTube as Emmymadeinjapan is a Chinese/American YouTuber born in California, and now living in Rhode Island. On her channel, she is known for her cooking videos and taste tests on a variety of food from different countries.


Emmy created her channel on November 10, 2010. She created her channel when she and her husband moved to Japan, teaching in the country. When they moved to Japan, Emmy said that she felt lonely and isolated due to her having little knoweldge of Japanese when she first arrived. One day, after going to the local grocery store, Emmy bought a candy making kit and decided she wanted to film herself making and tasting the product. This also gave her something to do outside of work and was able to help her learn how to edit videos. Soon, Emmy started to get a following and people would start sending her food to taste from their country.

YouTube NextUp

In 2013, YouTube had their second YouTube NextUp Competition. Out of thousands of submissions, Emmy was one of 30 winners chosen. She won a $3,000 cash prize, $4,000 worth of production equipment and a two week-long “creator camps” at YouTube Space LA to film the projects. She won alongside notable YouTubers: MrRepzion & Peter Hollens


  • Emmy's first viewer to send her something to taste test was from Germany