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EmpLemon (real name: Aaron Lemos) also known more commonly as Emperor Lemon, is a very popular and highly influential YouTube Pooper. He is one of the most popular YTP makers working today and many have made reaction videos to his videos. His most viewed YouTube video to date is The UnCredibles , a YTP of the Disney Pixar movie, The Incredibles, which was for a while, the first result to show up whenever someone searched YTP, but it has been overthrown from that spot by others since. When another veteran YouTube Pooper, Stuart K. Reilly criticized him for his popularity, style of video, and even his mental state, stating that he was on a "downward spiral mentally," Lemon fired back by flipping the joke, using phrases that allude to a downward spiral, such as "it'a never ogre," "day #(how many days since May 12, 2016, when Stu originally lashed out) of the never-ending downward spiral, and even a full video titled "The K Stood for Keemstar after all." Stuart K. Reily's channel has since declined both in quality and popularity, and it shows now signs of stopping.


The UnCredibles (most viewed video)

The NonCredibles

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Re-Frying Nemo

Pan-Frying Nemo

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