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Emperor Tigerstar is an American YouTuber who does educational videos in the form of animated maps and occasionally has lecture style videos.


Emperor Tigerstar began making his videos on September 14, 2009 and since then has made over four hundred videos. As his audience grew his maps became more complex and at one point he started making videos that showed every single day of major wars and every single year of major empires. Since his channel, there have been other similar channels that collectively call themselves videomappers. Emperor Tigerstar remains the oldest and largest videomapper. In October 2013, his video titled "World War II in Europe: Every Day" went viral and now has over three million views. EmperorTigerstar also has a channel dedicated to alternate history videomaps called EmperorTigerstarAlt.


On September 25 2016,EmperorTigerstar made a video to make fun of the troll/He declared war on the troll (ULTRAMAN MAPPING) for humorous purpose only.

Responding to a Troll The Ultraman Mapping Rant02:26

Responding to a Troll The Ultraman Mapping Rant

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