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EpicDJDude joined YouTube in March 30, 2013. He is 12 years old and was born on August 16, 2000. He does tutorials, mini-skits, gaming marathons, and vlogs. He posts entertainment videos and more! He is the founder of the EpicMinecrafterz Team consisting of: EpicDJDude, SethwbMC, FluffythekidRM, Snow, HiAwesome314, FigureSkater53, ZacharyS8, and Mperove! He also is a friend of a YouTuber, EpicDeodorantMonkeys, and has appeared in REAL ALIEN INVASION, Redstone WEEK!, and other videos. EpicDJDude is called EpicDJDude because he used to remix songs on this DJ app on his iPod Touch. Later, before he got a YouTube account in March, he remixed many song and wanted to post them on YouTube if he ever got an account. Though, he posted Gangnam Style Remixed but later deleted it so he could do some editing with it, but the finished version was never posted. So he called himself EpicDJDude but first had the name of JordansEpicYoutubify.


EpicDJDude said he was going to start a team of Minecraft YouTubers called the Gamerz Club in September 2013. Later in December 2013, he changed the name to EpicMinecrafterz and started the club consisting of:

  • EpicDJDude
  • SethwbMC
  • Snow
  • ZacharyS8
  • FigureSkater53
  • FluffythekidRM
  • Mperove


EpicDJDude also started a gaming channel which you can find here, though he does do some gaming on EpicDJDude, what he calls: Gaming Marathons. You can find his gaming channel here:

Profile Pics

There was a history of 3 profile pics.

His first profile pic was an origami Zane from Ninjago that he folded. He made it his profile pic. After a while,he got bad comments about his profile pic. Ignoring them, he also thought he 

should change it but did not have one at the time. Later he changed his profile pic to a picture of him with diamonds as eyes and hair on fire. Later around December 2013, he changed his profile pic to a picture of his Minecraft skin jumping over a lake carrying a diamond pickaxe. Later, after 1 hour it was changed to another picture of his Minecraft skin jumping but in the night and pointing a diamond sword at the screen. The 4th profile pic was just a preliminary troll profile pic. It depicted a screaming man. It was later changed back to the 3rd profile pic.