SPRINGTRAP PLAYS Five Nights at Treasure Island Found THE CRAZY CONTRAPTION-013:52


The reason this video is so important is because there is a possibility that ethgoesboom will make a whole series of fazbear lets plays of the sister location animatronics!

Ethgoesboom is a Youtube channel based on FNaF. Eth's channel is a channel about the animatronics from said game playing video games. The channel started out as a regular channel,but evolved into what was said in the last sentence.


The first video of his was a theory about who or what Springtrap is. The video was made before FNaF 3, and now we all now that the purple guy has springtrap for a tomb. His first FNaF animatronic gameplay video was regular Freddy playing FNaF 2. The voices of the animatronics have changed over time, and in my opinion the new voices are a little better. I mean, Mangle's old voice was awful. The first ever Ethgoesboom video was realeased January 27th, 2015.


Eth used to do many collabs with another FNaF Youtuber, Rye-Rye 99, until a falling out caused them to lose their friendship. The character most loved by his fandom is his voice for Foxy the Pirate Fox.
NEW ANIMATRONIC'S IDENTITY? (Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Trailer)03:28

NEW ANIMATRONIC'S IDENTITY? (Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Trailer)

 (Fun fact:freddy used to be evilish in Ethgoesboom's videos,now he's cheerful and good.) There is no footage for the face of Eth.


The first series Eth ever made was a regular let's play series of The Stanley Parable, with 6 videos in the series. The next significant​ series on Eth's channel was his FNaF 3 series, where he plays through Five Nights at Freddy's 3. The next series was the one that is most associated with Ethgoesboom, which is the "Animatronic's Play" series. The next 'signature' series was the "Prank Wars" series, where first Bonnie then Foxy start a war where they prank each other with tricks.

A random thumbnail of a gmod video of ethgoesboom

 A small series started by Eth was "If Foxy Was The Phone Guy", were Foxy is, well, the Phone Guy. The next significant series was the "Animatronics React" series, where animatronics react to teasers and trailers for FNaF 4, SL, and FNaC 3.


  • The Cupcake Crew, starring Cupcake, Toy Cupcake, Phantom Cupcake, NIghtmare Cupcake, and the antagonist Pumpkin.
  • SFM videos, where Eth and other voice actors voice animatronics in short animations and gameplays.
  • Holidays specials, for holidays. (obvoiusly)
  • Scott's troll games, where the animatronics 'react' to Scott's troll leaks.
  • Milestone streams, where Eth (as Eth) plays games on a livestream because of a milestone.
  • FNaF World mobile cutscenes, where Eth and the actors voiced the FNaF World cutscenes (mobile edition!)
  • FNaF Fun Facts. Fun facts about.... FNaF.
  • Plushtrap meme game. (mEmEsZZ)

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