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Etho, also known by his YouTube name EthosLab, is a Canadian Let's Play commentator and an inactive member of the HermitCraft server. Etho has shared few personal details. Etho confirmed that he works as a computer programmer. He began doing YouTube full time in mid-2010. (Ends most of his videos Like an awkward phone call).


Etho has a popular Minecraft survival single-player series titled "Etho Plays Minecraft." He is notable for creating practical (and extremely complicated) redstone contraptions. Etho has participated in UHC since Season 3, except Seasons 7, 12, 14 through 20, and 21. Etho was the winner of Season 8, having killed six other players.

MindCrack: Vanilla

Etho is no longer playing on the Mindcrack Server, and has in turn joined the Hermitcraft server but is largely inactive. Etho joined Mindcrack in 2012 and left 2015.

Modded Minecraft

Some time ago, Etho compiled a selection of his favorite mods and put them together to start a new, modded, series. although it occasionally crash's, Etho has enjoyed playing this pack, along with the enjoyment of his viewers. if you wish to download this pack that Etho made himself, simply go to one of his modded videos, look in the description, and you will find instructions on how to do it.


Etho has two Seasons of TerraFirmaCraft on his channel, the first one being very successful on his channel and showing the mod's tech tree as he discovered it. The reason why it ended is unclear. Season 2 of TerraFirmaCraft only recently began, with a better understanding of the mod. Etho has been able to rapidly progress through it. He is hoping to reach the end of the tech tree again after several updates and changes to TerraFirmaCraft by the mod's developers.

Ark Survival Evolved

A game of taming and fighting dinosaurs, Etho has been working on this series for some time now. He is currently posted about every time there is a new update in the developmental stages of development. he is very interested by this game, and has been playing it for some time now.

Etho started playing this game, and it has now become is 3rd most popular active series on the channel, each video usually gets over 150,000 views.

Minecraft Skin

Etho's Minecraft skin is based on the character Kakashi Hatake from the Japanese manga and anime franchise Naruto. In episode 234 of his LP, he revealed that he chose the Kakashi skin because it was one of the most detailed skins at the time (even though there are better versions nowadays, he still hangs on to this version). He has never changed his skin.


Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 1 It Begins!14:20

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 1 It Begins!

Ethos first gameplay with commentary

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