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Evan (born December 6, 2005 (2005-12-06) [age 11]), known on YouTube as EvanTubeHD is a channel comprised of his sister Jillian, his dad called "DaddyTube", and his Mom called " MommyTube." He records Minecraft, Disney Infinity, Clash of Clans, Skylanders, Roblox, and other games with his dad on EvanTubeGAMING


Evan has 3 different channels.


A channel where Evan and rarely his sister show toys like Lego, Mega Blocks (styled as Mega Bloks), figures and Angry Birds. He has currently over 4 million subscribers and over 2 billion views on his channel.


On this channel you get to see Vlog type videos as well as upcoming projects, reviews and behind the scenes of the first channel. The channel currently has over 1.9 million subscribers and over 1 billion views.


A gaming channel that is played by Evan. Games usually found on the channel are Skylanders, Disney Infinity and different Lets Plays like minecraft. He also does unboxings for Lootcrate and 1UP. The channel currently has over 700,000 subscribers and over 200,000,000 views.

Challenges they have played

  1. Pizza Challenge
  2. Smoothie Challenge
  3. Chubby Bunny Challenge
  4. Oreo Challenge
  5. Eat It or Wear It Challenge
  6. Exploding Watermelon Challenge
  7. Harry Potter Bean Boozled Challenge
  8. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  9. Bean Boozled Challenge
  10. Bean Boozled Challenge - Parents Edition
  11. Pringles Challenge
  12. Ice Cream Challenge
  13. Cookie Challenge (Oreos)
  14. Chicken Nugget Challenge
  15. Chips Ahoy Challenge
  16. Pop Tart Challenge
  17. Pie Face Challenge
  18. Don't Break The Ice Challenge
  19. Pop Tart Challenge - Parents Edition
  20. The Amazing French Fry Race (Boys vs. Girls Challenge)
  21. French Fry Challenge
  22. Chips Ahoy Challenge - Parents Edition
  23. Hoverboard Challenge
  24. Pie Face Challenge - Parents Edition
  25. Harry Potter Bean Boozled Challenge - Parents Edition
  26. Wet Head Challenge
  27. Goldfish Challenge
  28. Slime Bucket Challenge
  29. Soda Challenge


  • Along with other YouTubers, theres a channel called Wonder Quest. Its where him, stampylonghead, shaycarl, and other people who are famous on YouTube act.

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