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Evan Edinger (born July 29, 1990), previously known by his YouTube alias naveregnide (which is EdingerEvan backwards), is an American YouTube vlogger with over 425,000 subscribers living in London, England. He is known online for his vlogging and puns.

Personal life

As of January 2014, Edinger lived in London, England with good friend and YouTube Musician; Dodie Clark. He has since moved out. Evan is also friends with fellow YouTube content creators; Emma Blackery, Luke Cutforth and Brian O'Reilly.In January 2015, Evan came out as demisexual.[1]


Evan opened his YouTube account in 2006 but it was not until February 2010 when he started vlogging. He cites Ray William Johnson as inspiration for his early videos. During the Summer of 2010, he began his video series 'Uh-Oh Evan's Got An Opinion' which lasted for over a year.

In 2011, Edinger began uploading song covers and doing live shows on BlogTv. It was around this time that his content began to transition from opinions and covers to vlogs and sketch comedy.

In September 2012, Evan moved to London, England to pursue a Master's degree in Actuarial Science. He has since finished his degree and his YouTube channel has expanded dramatically. Evan currently uploads videos every Sunday with a monthly question and answer video. He also has a second channel EvanEdinger where he uploads many of his travel vlogs.


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