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FaZe Clan Is the number one Call of Duty clan on YouTube. The leaders of FaZe Clan are: Temperrr, Banks, Apex and Rain. FaZe Clan has over 4.4 million subscribers and over 434 million video views total. They also have around 65 members total. They are sponsored by the gaming controller brand Scuf Gaming and the best energy drink brand G-Fuel/Gamma. The Clan also happens to have a total of five editors to edit all the videos for the clan members. They also see to have an irrational superiority complex. They are also a meme in MLG.u

Other FaZe fags:

FaZe Fitness

FaZe Sensei along with FaZe JzpR and FaZe Censor launched FaZe Fitness on May 16th 2014, a channel to help break stereotypes, and prove that you can still be fit and play games.

CS:GO Competitive Team

FaZe launched their CS:GO team on January the 20th 2016, with members rain, fox, jkaem, RobbaN (Coach) and zbM (Manager).

Faze Kitchen

FaZe Cheo, aka the best cheif, is in Faze Kitchen.

Genji once said I need healing (2017) ==

fags of all and there on crack and dik:

FaZe Temperrr /iiTeMpeR |@FaZeTemperrr |@fazetemperrr 

FaZe Banks /BanksHasBank |@Banks |@banks 

FaZe Apex /bananafone34 |@FaZeApex |@apex 

FaZe Rain /TrickShotting |@FaZe_Rain |@nordan 


FaZe CBass /HitMarkah |@FaZeCBass |@cbassfaze 

Red Formula /akaFormula |@Red_Formula

FaZe Directors:

FaZe Fakie /TehScope |@FaZeFakie |@fakiehasgame 

FaZe Apex /bananafone34 |@FaZeApex |@apex 

FaZe Teeqo /TeeqoJakob |@TeeqoJakob |@fazeteeqo 

FaZe Jinx /EAJinx |@FaZeJinx |@eajinx 

FaZe HugZ /Egosftw1495 |@FaZeHugZ |@fazehugz 

FaZe Spratt /Sprattyyy |@Spratt |@spratt 

FaZe PryZee /PryZeeV2 |@FaZePryZee |@fazepryzeeofficial 

FaZe Swan /TehSwanny |@FaZeSwan |@imfazeswan 

FaZe Rain /TrickShotting |@FaZe_Rain |@nordan 

FaZe Rug /oRugrat |@FaZeRug |@rugfaze 

FaZe Linkzy /Linkzyboiii |@FaZeLinkzy 

FaZe Adapt /AHDAPTING |@FaZeAdapt |@thefazeadapt 

FaZe Carl /RexxisBack |@FaZe_Caarl |@carl_faze 

FaZe Kay /Khattrisha |@FaZeKay |@fazekay 

FaZe Bloo /itsGrat |@FaZeBloo |@fazebloo 

FaZe Jev /poketLWEWT |@FaZeJev |@mrjeverson 

FaZe Censor /CENSAT1ON |@FaZe_Censor |@faze_censor 

FaZe Dirty /imCurtiz |@FaZeDirty |@fazedirty 

FaZe Agony /AgonyVII |@Agony |@keiran_faze |@faze_agony 

FaZe Kitty /Kittyxhd |@FaZe_Kitty 

FaZe Grizz /zzirGrizz |@XBLzzirGrizz 

FaZe Kampy /kampyvids |@FaZe_Kampy 

FaZe Blaziken /Blazifyy |@FaZeBlaziken |@blazifyy 

FaZe Replays /ReplayILY |@Replays |@replaays 

FaZe Hazz /Hazzible |@FaZeHazz |@hazzible 

FaZe Mojo /MojoOnPC |@MojoOnPC 

FaZe Storm /RealFaZe Storm |@RealFaZeStorm

FaZe Editors:

FaZe Barker /BarkerTH |@FaZeBarker 

FaZe Ninja /PkmNinja |@PkmNinja |@pkmninja 

FaZe Pride /PridesVirtues |@FaZe_Pride 

FaZe Jebasu /mighty1551 |@FaZeJebasu 

FaZe PenG /PenGious |@FaZe_PenG 

FaZe Mito /mitoedits |@FaZeMito

FaZe CoD Pro:

FaZe Enable /EnableIan | @enable |@enablefaze 

FaZe ZooMa /PapaZooMaa |@ZooMaa |@fazetommyy 

FaZe Clayster /Clayster |@Clayster |@clayster 

FaZe Attach /DillonAttach |@Attach |@faze_attach 

FaZe CSGO Pro:

FaZe kioShiMa @kiocsgoo

FaZe Aizy @FaZe_aizy

FaZe Fox @FaZe_foxCS

FaZe Jkaem @FaZe_jkaem

FaZe Rain @FaZe_rainCS

FaZe Fitness:

FaZe Sensei /FaZeSensei |@FaZe_Sensei |@fazesensei 

FaZe JzpR: /JzpRFitness |@JzpRFitness |@jzprfitness 

FaZe Studio:

FaZe Nikan /NikoDzn |@FaZeNikan |@fazenikan 

FaZe Ali /KINGofJOOStv |@FaZeAli |@arcmorgan_ 

FaZe Coan /y0CoaN |@FaZeCoan |@fazecoan 

FaZe Zaibot /Zaibxt |@FaZeZaibot 

FaZe JPEX /xApexPred |@JPEXco |@JPEXco 

FaZe Reyes @FaZeReyess 

FaZe Magic @itsMagicHere 

FaZe ScottC @FaZeScottC_ |@scottcdesign 

FaZe MDC @MattyDeCesare |@mattydecesare 

FaZe Nano /NanoVFX |@FaZeNanoVFX 

Music Relations:

FaZe Force /Forceisdown |@Force |@fazeforce 


FaZe Esca /PlayTheGameFilms |@JustinEscalona |@justinescalona

Backup FaZe Members:


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