Family Fun Pack is a mostly just for fun and vlog YouTube channel, and consists the 5 children including David (8), twins Chris & Zac (7), Alyssa (10) Michael (3) and their newborn son, Owen. They also have 2 pet doggies. The channel is well known for uploading videos like waterparks, playground, day in the life, adventures, toys, cooking, challenges, unboxing, stay at home, indoor playground and fan mail. In July 2015, a new series was made called "Mommy Monday" with a new video every Monday that would be a trip, day in the life, vlog, haul, mail or thank you. Later on, the series had ceased and returned in July 2016. In spring 2016, they published a video telling you all about family fun pack and what they love to do as a family. Some of their most popular videos where twins fight over vacuum and their first video twins putting themselves to bed. In 2015, they started a new jingle to replace the "please subscribe" clip at the start, in December they updated their jingle.

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