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Megan Wessles, also known as Fanfic Critic on YouTube, was a user who reviews fanfiction; the fanfiction can be written anywhere, be it some fanfiction wiki, Amazon, Deviant Art,, YouTube, or anywhere else. Alongside her normal channel, Megan is a member of the two websites Reviewers Unknown and Manic Expression, and has done some other videos in the past too, such as Let's Plays.  Early on in 2015 Fanfic Critic went on hiatus so Megan could find a new computer, but as of late it has went on an indefinite hiatus, with no word from Megan for awhile.  In 2016, she posted on her Facebook page that she was done with the show.  

Rules for Requesting Fanfics

  1. Please request COMPLETE stories. Thanks!
  2. Please do not request non-fanfiction.
  3. Any story with a word count over 10,000 will only have the first chapter read aloud. If the first chapter is over 10,000 words long, it won't be read out loud.
  4. Please don't "pester" if I have read your requested story, yet. If you do and I haven't read it, yet, I won't read it.


Fanfic Critic


Archangel Assassin

Random Creepy Guy

Test Zero



Season 1

January 12, 2010-February 6, 2010

―Fanfic Critic

  • Mr. Lovett's Lesson
  • How to Annoy Dragonheart Characters
  • AVGN vs. Nostalgia Critic Slash
  • Mr. Dink's Obsession
  • The Rocky Horror Heh Heh Show
  • Late
  • E.T. on Gilligan's Island
  • The Spongebob Marathon
  • Doug Goes Gangster
  • The Michael Jackson Tribute
  • Red
  • A Sinner's Life
  • The Worst Fanfic Evar
  • The Nintendoland Murders
  • If You Indulge Me, Sir
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Fanfic Critic F*** Up Show
  • Doug's Worst Day
  • The Worst Fanfic Evar! The Sequal
  • Running From Law Enforcement

Season 2

February 7, 2010-June 18, 2010

―Fanfic Critic

  • Separate Ways: A Sonic Tale
  • Gene & Roger's BIG Surprise
  • A Meeting Between Friends
  • The Demise of the Taliban
  • Broken
  • Make Your Choice
  • Father and Son
  • Son and Father
  • Untitled
  • Picture This
  • Outdoor Beavers
  • Human in Lion King World
  • Barney vs. Pokemon
  • The Stranger
  • Hush, Love, Hush
  • Some Romantic Conversation
  • Straberries & Lace
  • To Weak to Complain
  • Ratigan's Love for Basil Pure Slash

Season 3

June 25, 2010-November 5, 2010

―Fanfic Critic

  • The Final Chapter
  • The King Kong Sequel
  • Third Anniversary Special
  • A Pikachu X Pichirisu Redone Story
  • I'm The Only One
  • Untitled
  • Back to the Future: Time of the Wolves
  • Back to the Future Part 4
  • Salivation
  • The Return of My Immortal Again
  • Head is Where the Heart Is
  • One of Those Nights
  • Mokuba is Abused
  • Beyond Infinity
  • The Top 10 Fanfic Critic Freakouts(Special Episode)
  • One Surprise After the Other
  • Animal Lover
  • The Merry Go Round Broke Down
  • The Fanfic Critic All Fucked Up #3(Special Episode)

Season 4

November 9, 2010-February 3, 2011

―Fanfic Critic

  • Do it Justice
  • Scenario
  • Secret Romance
  • Not His Daughter
  • Off Timing
  • Sorrow
  • Squidward's Gone
  • The Cute One
  • The Water and Curb
  • TFMM: The Halloween Special
  • The Sirhc Llirrem Hour
  • To Thy Own Self Be True
  • Peter Pan
  • The Land Before Time: Journey Across Time

Season 5

February 7, 2011-March 22, 2011

―Fanfic Critic

  • Land Before Time: Journey Across Time 0
  • A Reason to Smile
  • Shall We Dance?
  • love over comes darkness
  • Forbidden Fruit: the temptation of Edward Cullen
  • ChibiUsa's Seventh Birthday
  • Sonichu
  • Fanfic Critic Fucked Up #4(Special Episode)
  • The Switchover
  • Check Yes Juliet
  • Nostalgia Critic Review Fanfic
  • All New Armour
  • Secret Romance: The Conclusion
  • I Will Find You
  • Sonadow
  • The Legend of the Racer with no Name
  • The Day Between Yesterday and Tomorrow
  • Murder Mystery of Sally
  • 100th Episode Special

Season 6

March 27, 2011-May 10, 2011

―Fanfic Critic

  • Chanting Among Stargazing
  • Sonic's Last One Night Stand
  • Never Meant to Be: Irate Gamer AVGN Slash
  • Unforgotten Memories
  • Goten, Interrupted
  • Rini's Horrible Death
  • The WorldSaving Properties of Hot Threesome Sex
  • A sinful love
  • Meowth's Vacation
  • King of the Hill Episode 1: Peggy's Revenge
  • The NEXT Top 10 Fanfic Critic Freakouts(Special Episode)
  • A World Without Dot
  • How the Rip Stole Reviewing
  • Cloud Mows the Lawn
  • The Peter Chimaera Show
  • SpiderKim
  • Maternal Instincts
  • Cartman's Birthday
  • The Revenge of Dr. Clefarious

Season 7

August 14, 2011-September 29, 2011

―Fanfic Critic

  • The Patriots
  • disneydanial93
  • Wimpy's Diet
  • Addiction to the Problem
  • How the Straw Hat Pirates Destroyed Al Kahn
  • Bebop and Rocksteady's Great Day
  • It's All Too Much
  • Pikapoon
  • Cupcakes
  • Gardevoir and Gallade True Love Story Prologue
  • Golden Eye 2: Revenge of Alec and Sharptooth
  • Yellow Cheeses
  • The Christmas Party
  • Broken Wings Drabble
  • Goku and Anne Frank: Until the End of Time
  • Belto the Werewolf
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall
  • Climax Pegasus
  • The Peter Chimera Show.....Again
  • The ComicsNix Challenge 3: End Game

Season 8

October 13, 2011-November 28, 2011

―Fanfic Critic

  • Big Mistake
  • Insanely in Love
  • Master Chief Writes a Fanfic
  • Back to the Future 4: Land Before Time
  • Morph Wars
  • The Bell Ringing Angel
  • Candward
  • Begging(The Halloween Special)
  • Untitled
  • Fanfic Critic Fucked Up #5
  • The Cristal Caverns
  • Samuel Chase and the Dark Knight of the Apocalypse
  • Everything Changes
  • Learn the Alphabet Backwards
  • War of Wills
  • Sweet Apple Massacre
  • Olivia's Pep Talk
  • Soul Reaping Janitor of the Justice League
  • What if she Never Left?
  • Bad Fanfiction, Double Feature

Season 9

December 20, 2011-May 31, 2011

―Fanfic Critic

  • Arthur's Sucky Day
  • Incredible Apathy
  • How Placido Stole Christmas
  • Driven by Love(The Two Year Anniversary Special)
  • My Grandmother, Bella
  • A Different Lesson
  • Kit vs. Kat
  • A Fish Called Wanda
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami
  • In a Galaxy Far, Far Away
  • Oneless
  • Animal of Farthing Wood Lazarus, Arise
  • Behind the Name
  • The Final Battle
  • Kingdom Fart
  • Double D's Fanfiction Rant
  • ADVENTISIS Loz 2060
  • LustKLock
  • Before the Beginning
  • Timeless Lust

Season 10

July 16, 2012-June 22, 2013

―Fanfic Critic

  • Call Me Sir
  • The Death of All Grinchs
  • My Little Dashie: UNCUT EDITION
  • The Oscarfics: Artemis' Lover
  • What Would Yogi Do?
  • The Paradox Alchemist
  • The Super Dooper Mega Awesome Naruto Fic
  • Godzilla vs. Tiamatadon
  • Day of the Barny
  • Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Red Fairy
  • You've Changed
  • Dangerous(Halloween Special 2012)
  • Gargoyles: Universal Gate
  • Belle's Farting Problem
  • Mewtwo's Desire
  • Evangelion Date Rape
  • Retribution and Strength
  • The Final Battle

Season 11

June 25, 2013-June 1, 2014(incomplete season, on Hiatus now)

―Fanfic Critic

  • Fanfic Critic Season 11 Premiere(unofficially): The Next Top 10 Fanfic Critic Freakouts
  • An Enterprising Encounter
  • QUest fro the Grilfiend
  • Winds & Rain
  • Gears of War Love on the Battlefield
  • Intervention
  • Castlevania Twilight Serenade
  • Immoral Urges
  • Fanfic Critic Spankfic with Susan and Archangel Assassin
  • Dorah the Xplorah
  • Blood
  • The DK Smash Fic
  • Digimon World Dawn: Pulsa
  • Raise Your Boot in Toast

Season 12



Fanfic Critic Specials
February 15, 2012-November 11, 2013

―Fanfic Critic

  • A Fanfic Critic Valentine's Day Special.....Kind Of.....Sort Of.....Not Really.....OH, JUST WATCH IT!
  • A Crappy Fanfic Webcam Review: Miley Goes to Wendy's
  • Fanfic Reading: I'm the Only One
  • Fanfic Critic Presents: Halloween Special.....OF DEATH!
  • A Fanfic Critic Special: FFC Spankfic with Susan and Archangel Assassin!
Fanfic Critic Presents:  The Sailor Moon T Fanfic Series by Linkara
April 23, 2014-May 6, 2014

―Fanfic Critic

  • Fanfic Critic Presents: Sailor Moon T, Season 1 Episode 1-3
  • Fanfic Critic Presents: Sailor Moon T, Season 1 Episodes 4-6
  • Fanfic Critic Presents: Sailor Mon T, Season 1 Episodes 7-9

Other Videos

Let's Plays

  • Let's Play Pokémon Platnium Nuzlocke
  • Let's Play Pokémon FireRed

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