The Federation of the Exalted, or F.o.X for short, is a commentary group created by 8363MTR and currently run by George Raccoon, Boonslayer and SkiHound. They generally make commentaries which usually consist of three to four members, and cover other videos, commonly countdowns, reviews, and other commentaries.


Federation of the Exalted initially started in June of 2015 and uploaded their first video July of 2015. After uploading two commentaries, the group decided to disband in December of 2015. After months of inactivity, some of its old members, along with new ones, decided to regroup and revive the channel in May of 2016 and have since began to upload on a more consistent basis.


The following are members of F.o.X:

  • George Raccoon
  • Boonslayer
  • 8363MTR
  • Zumpano
  • DynamoRox4Sure
  • ArtsyJackie_
  • JustCallMeHenry
  • SkiHound
  • RavenNG
  • Donnimation
  • Autumn Chan
  • Renegade Master
  • AnnabethRide
  • Stamarin Stars
  • Lebers
  • Silver