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Connor Sawyer, also known as Fiction Reviews, is an anime reviewer and ranter on YouTube, who makes videos occasionally whenever he has time.  Connor was a member of the anime podcast J-Taku, and when that was resolved immediately became a member of the anime podcast Podtaku, along with many other anime YouTubers.    

Conner refers to his channel as fictional reviews by a fictional person, although he obviously is a real person. When Connor reaches milestones in increments of 1000, he tends to post livestream videos as a way of thanking his subscribers.    

Connor is also a singer songwriter. He has posted videos of him playing guitar on his channel. On October 2, 2015, he posted a video of a song he wrote called "Journey (To You)." This was unusual as it was not his regular style of video. He indicated he was entering a song writing contest and wanted help spreading awareness of the song. He never indicated whether or not he won the contest.  


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