Fie Laursen is a Top Scandinavian blogger who writes about fashion, traveling, and lifestyle. She is also an aspiring singer, having recorded in Los Angeles previously. She runs Denmarks biggest blog, one of the biggest YouTube channels, is in a few Danish Reality TV shows and has written a book called 'My honesty' which is a biography.

Personal Life

She grew up in a small town in Denmark and later moved to Los Angeles, California. She was a high school drop. Her brother is Vine sensation Boris Laursen. She was in a relationship with fellow YouTube star MrCrainer. She was bullied when she was younger and was taken out of school. Following being home schooled, she went to a design school. In July 2014, she appeared in one of her brother's Vines alongside popular Viner King Bach. The video was titled "I just stole your sister!" She is also known for being close friends with the Cyrus family


a lot of people is curious about the religion of Miss Laursen, but it is a little unknown. She grew up in a christian family, but later on it was rumored she became Jewish. Fie never talked about religion, but only said "I believe in the universe, I believe in energy and I believe I was sent to this world with a purpose and I am gonna follow that purpose", what that means, we don't know.


Fie is very famous in Denmark for being a strong and good role model for the younger ones. She promotes to support things like; bully victims, recovery from eating disorders, depression, anxiety, cutting. She posts funny videos of herself having a double chin, acne on her skin and looking silly, dancing to music and sometimes where she eats food in silly ways. Fie said she does that to teach kids not to be scared, to love themselves.


Something that Fie Laursen is also known as, is being a Boss Lady. She is very business minded in all her decisions and there has been interviews in business magazines made about her, which doesn't usually happen for Social Media Stars. She grew a business out of her blog, she writes books, makes music, collections for different brands, models for brands and she even now works as a ghostwriter for a Danish book company. She is a very loving and known TV personality too, in Denmark. People describe her as the only down to earth, fun and loving celebrity left. The fans say she feels like a sister, a friend or even a mother.


Fie is known for supporting many charity cases. She donated 1500 dollars a few times to a cancer organisation in Denmark. She donated all money she made on her YouTube in year 2016 as well. She is known for giving out her clothes to charity in her Danish video blogs on YouTube. She also has had bullying campaigns.


  • She is told to have over 3 million monthly views on her blog every month.

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