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Happy 2 year anniversary! I decided to make something a little bit different this year. This video explains where I've been, and more the emotion behind where I've been, rather than an explanation. It's poetry, you get the picture.

In case it's hard to follow along: This perilous journey starts with a boy. Living with his parents, afraid to make a change. If a joke sounded offensive he would rearrange. He was afraid to talk in collaborations in fear of sounding strange. but he wasn't afraid of aiming for greatness. And for that, I envy him. With every penny and dime, he spent all of his time trying, and failing, and trying and crying but he loved every second of it. He realized he could be himself and not care what people forewarn. There was no expectation so there was need to conform. He could try, for trying sake. He loved what he did, because what he did what he loved. He loved laughter There is nothing greater than the sound of laughter for this boy. It was happy ever after he would use as a toy. To escape the chains of reality, to escape the bonds of formality, fearing the ever so creeping inevitable normality. Life has locked doors to tell you what to be, and how to feel. but laughter was the key for this boy. To unlock the doors of joy was the only thing he loved more than himself. Through his journey he found people he would later call friends, and eventually family. Together they made a unspoken pact, together they would unlock the doors and attack, sadness or grief for thousands of others in fact, Together they would try to make life a better place for not only themselves, but for anyone willing to join them. The 'together' I'm talking about is not a group of squares. I'm talking about the thousands that came together and renounced cares. Together we made that special place, a place in space where a warm in embrace takes place. We each have a role. We are each a part of whole that is bigger than we could ever imagine. This boy had never been happier. He had family, and he had no need. And then something changed. In came greed. Greed is not a feeling you accept, greed is not an action you commence and regret. Greed is a hand over your eyes. Greed is our own demise that blinds you from every thought but our own. Blinds us from every truth we've ever know. This boy was lost. Where was the boy that flew to fly higher, where was the boy that loved to inspire, where was the boy who did because he could, where was the boy who loved because he should. When did the family become a bureaucracy, answering and following automatically so hypnotically. We are each veins pumping systematically. We are here, we are one. Greed is no longer blinding this poor boy. So together, a family , lets try to trys sake. Lets inspire and not forsake. Lets spread love and not dispair, for together we cannot compare, the power we have when we are one. We've cannot be out run, we cannot be finished or done, because the changes we have made cannot be undone. Power like a handgun but not bullets of hatred but bullets of fun.

This is not a theory I need to defend, this is not something I recommend, this is needed. I hope throught the rhymes the message has not depleated. This is not a trend, like the joy in long weekend, I'm not going to pretend I know everything. But If I know anything, Selfless love has no end.  

I love you all

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